The Friday Fluff Up: Frugal Summer Fun (Yarn Obstacle Course)



This might just be the most pitiful Friday Fluff Up project ever, but with three kids at home all day in the summer time I have a feeling there’s not going to be a whole lot of fluffing up going on at our house this summer.  Instead, my living room is now our gymnastics arena, the kitchen table is covered in coloring books and crafts, and it’s hard to find a room in our home shielded from Nerf Gun bullets. (Anyone else with me?)



 (Isn’t that picture just awful? I took video of them climbing through it but forgot to get any good pictures – arghhh! And yes, my girls live in their gymnastics clothes all day long…) 

When I was checking out Pinterest yesterday for some amazingly creative project to try out today, my kiddos saw this Yarn Obstacle Game and you can bet they were all over it.  My son designed the “course” (which kept him busy for half an hour. . .) and all three of them have spent a few hours playing in it this morning . . . yayyyyy!  (Who needs a clever craft when you can have cheap entertainment in the summertime, right?)


To make the course, all we used was regular yarn we had on hand and painter’s tape to protect the walls.  As I’m typing, my five year old just hollered: “Momma, I can’t get out of the lasers!”  Yup . . . summer life is good. 🙂


Have you done any fun summer activities with your kiddos this week?  I’d love to hear about them. . . mine were playing dodgeball in the foyer yesterday so I’m thinking it might be time for me to step up my mommy-game!  Feel feel to share what keeps your kiddos busy in the summertime in the comments section ~ I’d love to hear your ideas!


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  1. That does look like it would keep them busy for a good little while! My kids aren’t quite big enough for something like that yet but I will keep the idea in mind. Just wanted to add that every picture I’ve seen that has some part of your home is just beautiful! I love that bench and the wall hangings too! You’ve got great taste 🙂

    • You’re so sweet Jen! I bought that bench after waiting forever for it (maybe not forever, but at least 3-4 years!) and found it for a deal at Hobby Lobby…. I would have loved a more fancy entry table, but knew my kids would bump into it and break anything on top of it… and I fell in love with the wall hangings at TJ Maxx. It’s kind of sad that my “fluffed up” foyer is primarily used as a basketball court or laser tag field! 🙂

      When you’re kids bet a little bigger Jen (not sure of their ages…), my kids loved starting like this by setting up tents…. as soon as they were crawling those tents would keep them busy for at least 20 minutes or so! My girls are climbers, so anything I can do to give them a safe place to climb is definitely a plus.

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