Thank You (And Win One Of Four $50 Amazon Gift Cards!)

Congratulations to N8j9… and  brookeah… for winning the giveaway. Thanks so much to everyone who entered! 

I’m so stinkin’ excited to have a fun giveaway for you today! Passionate Penny Pincher just reached 50,000 Facebook fans (woohoooo!), which is just crazy to this penny pinching mom. As I’ve shared before, I’m really just a mom who loves to save money (and who got into this not knowing the slightest thing about writing, computers, or really even the internet . .  ), so the fact that so many folks have joined along the way is beyond crazy to me.


While I’m excited about those Facebook numbers, I’m even more excited because every so often I get an email or Facebook comment letting me know that PPP has really helped someone. (Did I really just use the word excited four times in two paragraphs? Yikes.)  I love that PPP helps save you money, and it makes my job so worth it!!!  That’s why my buddy Shannon and I spend way too much time on the computer sharing these deals with you all ~ we want you to see savings every day in all the ways you shop.


Now to thank you all for reading our crazy ramblings, how about a giveaway? I’ll be giving away 4 (yes four!) $50 Amazon gift cards throughout the day to thank you for reading. I’ll give two of the $50 gift cards away on Facebook some time today (be watching!) and two here on the main site. Woot!


Here’s how to enter to win:

  1. Required Entry:  Leave a comment on this post sharing sharing one item you’ve saved on since following PPP.
  2. Additional Entries:  Join Passionate Penny Pincher on Facebook and leave a comment to let me know (or leave a comment if you’re already a Facebook fan.)
  3. Share this post on Facebook (leave an additional comment to let me know that as well)
  4. Join PPP on Pinterest and leave a comment to let me know (or leave a comment if you already like PPP.)
  5. Pin any PPP Recipe or frugal tip onto your Pinterest board and leave a comment with the link to your Pin
NOTE: If you normally comment via Facebook, please click HERE to comment so that I can have your email in case you win ~ there’s no way for me to contact you otherwise if you win. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading PPP ~ I appreciate you each so very much. 😉


This giveaway is not sponsored by Amazon or Facebook ~ just a gift from me to thank y’all for reading. Good luck! This giveaway will end at 9:00 PM Central Time tonight, 1/30/14.


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  1. Jana Powell says:

    Never shopped amazon so would be excited to win

  2. New to shopping public, now fav store.

  3. Candy Jelak Cantin says:

    Target deals!

  4. Alex Walsh says:

    I never have to pay for shampoo, conditioner, or toothpaste anymore. It is absolutely amazing. It has helped with our finances so much!!

  5. Jennifer Tate Snead says:

    How exciting! I love amazon and PPP!!

  6. Michele Lourey says:

    It is hard to say One item I have saved on since I have followed PPP (for several years) but if I have to pick one it would be toilet paper.

  7. Susan Martin says:

    Love your site. Lots of useful info.

  8. Brandi Ferguson says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love to save $$. It is getting harder and harder to do. I just do the best I can.

  9. Diapers!! =)

  10. Yipeeee

  11. Michele Lourey says:

    t is hard to say One item I have saved on since I have followed PPP (for several years) but if I have to pick one it would be toilet paper.

  12. Love weekly Publix posts …. I save every week and post about paper towels and toilet paper on Amazon (I’ve saved a ton by buying through subscribe and save)

  13. Katie Rapp Noren says:

    I've found lots of deals on PPP but my favorite was probably the kindle deal I got at Christmas.. THANK YOU!

  14. Alice Smith says:

    So many items that I can't just name one! Groceries, toiletries, paper goods, electronics, etc…. Hope I win,!!!

  15. Jennifer Jung Greene says:

    Toilet paper!

  16. Michele Lourey says:

    I have been a follower of PPP for several years!

  17. Alice Smith says:

    And I also follow you on FB!!!!!!

  18. Kerri Frazier Wiser says:

    Love your site, I just this morn, got a free book from your post! Yay! Go me!

  19. Jennifer Jung Greene says:

    I follow on Pinterest!

  20. Christina Weaver says:

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!! Good luck everyone!

  21. I have saved money on meals. I have made several recipies you have posted. Thanks!

  22. I save on basic food items–I have my groceries down to $100/week, thanks to PPP

  23. Becky Webb says:

    I've saved at CVS thanks to you and gotten my house more organized!

  24. Jennifer Jung Greene says:

    I'm a Facebook fan!

  25. Linda Nadspal says:

    Great site, love looking at the bargains and love the ideas…would probably use the $50 towards a new watch….need one, the old one is unrepairable! 🙁

  26. I’ve saved on diapers since following your posts.

  27. Doris Modesett Hedges says:

    My son got straight A's on his report card for the second time this year! I told him I would get him a gaming chair as a reward. A gift card should would help us out with that! Thanks and Blessings!

  28. Terri Stine says:

    Toiletries! Coupon matching helps save tons!

  29. I follow PPP on facebook.

  30. Michele Lourey says:

    I have shared this post on Facebook.

  31. Facebook fan!

  32. Whitney Baker says:

    So hard to choose just one! . . . I guess biggest savings would be diapers.

  33. Alice Smith says:

    Shared your post!

  34. Pinterest follower

  35. Terri Stine says:

    Already a Facebook fan!

  36. Michele Lourey says:

    I have been a Pintrest follower of PPP

  37. Bridget Steding says:

    We just saved on Papa Johns pizza with the .30 anniversary code! Thank you! I follow you on Pinterest and Facebook!

  38. Anne Stewart Geary says:

    Love saving on kids lunch and snack items. Cheap GoGurt a few weeks ago was great! Thanks for this site, Laurie!

  39. Scarf and Legos!!!

  40. I just discovered this site. Can’t wait to dig in. I’d love to win a gift card to help get me started. 🙂

  41. Post has been shared.

  42. Jessica Petrik says:

    Groceries!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for what you do!

  43. Anonymous says:

    One of the many items you have helped me save on was the Disney Infinity that Amazon had on sale really cheap at Christmas! My kids absolutely love it!! Thanks so much for all you do!

  44. I follow on facebook!

  45. Michelle Salter Macarthur says:

    I read your Facebook posts everyday! I love it!

  46. Love PPP!! FB follower, Pinterest follower, shared on FB, and pinned Thank you for all you do!!

  47. jennifer brandon says:

    I have saved on several items, but lately I have been doing well on my grocery budget thanks to PPP.

  48. Michele Lourey says:

    I have pinned the Slow Cooked Root Beer Shredded Pork Sandwich

  49. I no longer pay for shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant eetc.! Thank you so much!

  50. I save on To many things to say. I am a stay at home mom of three and homeschool I would use the gift card to buy more things for our schooling

  51. I love all the lunch and snack deals I always find on PPP. Thanks for finding the deals and sharing with us, Laurie!

  52. Emily Ellis Brandenburg says:

    Bread at the dollar store!

  53. Terri Stine says:

    Already a follower on Facebook! Thank you!

  54. Teresa Gohn says:

    I loved the suggestions for saving money on groceries!

  55. Victoria Hasty says:

    Saved a ton on Legos since I joined to follow your journey. Thanks a bunch!

  56. Learned so much from you! Totally changed how I shop, especially for groceries! Thankful that Staci K directed me to your site and showed me the ropes!

  57. Terri Stine says:

    Followed you on pinterest . . . now I’ll get nothing accomplished today because I’ll be too busy reading all your pins there! 🙂

  58. Jen Dixon says:

    I just recently started following on FB, and I'm liking what I'm seeing! You do all the hard work for a newbie couponer like myself

  59. Teresa Gohn says:

    I am a fan on Facebook! 🙂

  60. I’ve saved on diapers through Amazon.

  61. Terri Stine says:

    Shared post on Facebook! Thanks!

  62. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  63. Jennifer Brandon says:

    I have saved on many things thanks to PPP, but as of lately I am proud of my grocery savings. Thanks.

  64. Love PPP! I used to buy store brand items but you showed me how to save money on good quality name brand products. Thanks Laurie!

  65. Jennifer Brandon says:

    I am a fan on FB.

  66. Shared this post!

  67. Teresa Gohn says:

    I shared on Facebook! 😀

  68. I follow you on FB.

  69. I follow you on FB.

  70. Jennifer Brandon says:

    I am following on Pinterest.

  71. Kelsy Moses says:

    With your help, I have saved on ebooks, KingSoopers/Kroger coupons+sales, and Amazon deals! Thanks!

  72. Hey, Laurie! Congrats on 50,000 fans! I’ve saved on several things including the awesome chalkboard contact paper! I’d love to win!

  73. free grands, barilla, mustard.

  74. I’ve already liked PPP on Pinterest.

  75. And I’m a fan on FB!!

  76. Tissue is one thing I have saved on.

  77. Jennifer Brandon says:

    I “Shared” this post on FB.

  78. groceries of course! love the penny pinching recipes also — & love the fact that many times I already have most or all of the ingredients.

  79. Nancy Puckett says:

    Fb follower. Love saving on Cavs bargains!

  80. Also follow on Pinterest!

  81. Teresa Gohn says:

    I joined you on Pinterest. I love Pinterest!

  82. Terri Stine says:
    Smothered chicken sandwiches . . . they look awesome! Can’t wait to try them!!!

  83. i follow on fb

  84. Charlotte Plahuta says:

    I never knew about all the Target coupons until I started following your website! I love how you lay out all the coupons/sales according to store w/ links to coupons! That has helped me so much! Thank you!

  85. Patti Elrod Healy says:

    I saved TONS on Christmas toys! Thank You PPP,

  86. Charlotte Plahuta says:

    Already a facebook fan 🙂

  87. summer jackson says:

    I love PPP!!!! Can’t wait until you have another class!!!!

  88. I’ve saved on many things – especially love the ease of which I can come on your site, get the coupons I need and go shopping within just a short time! No more feeling like I have to spend half a day doing coupons and match-ups!

  89. I just love this site! It's helped me save with printable coupons and amazon at Christmas time. I would love to win! Fingers are crossed.

  90. Kelsy Moses says:

    I am a fan on Facebook

  91. Charlotte Plahuta says:

    Shared on fb!

  92. Joined PPP on Pintrest.

  93. I follow Passionate Penny Pincher on FB! Love it!!

  94. Jessica Dodd says:

    The best deals I have gotten since following your site has been diaper deals.

  95. Kelsy Moses says:

    I shared this post on my Facebook page.

  96. Brandy Wollet says:

    I love PPP!!!! I'm following on FB, pintrest, and email subscribed. I learned to shop the drugstores from PPP videos, thanks for those. I would love to win the gift card. Amazon has a laser printer for$54 . I could use to print my coupons and save money! Thanks PPP

  97. i follow on pinterest

  98. I love your site. I have especially enjoyed your organizing series!

  99. Sabrina Kollmann says:

    I've saved on so many things! I've learned so much!
    Lets see I was able to get my family a lot more Christmas gifts within budget than I thought I could. Last week got all those sniffer dusters for very little, cake mix, lots of cereal. In fact my pantry is so full my husband is freaking out – lol – until he hears how little all of it cost

  100. Teresa Gohn says:
  101. Sonia Bowman Brownlow says:

    I love PPP! The list of ways that i have saved could go on forever, but I was really excited last year when I scored an Elf on the Shelf for half off thanks to a PPP post on Facebook. I am already a Facebook follower and will share this status!

  102. Ivonne Villafane Schwartzman says:

    I've saved on so many things, thanks to you. I love finding about the Amazon deals!

  103. Love the site! So helpful! Its been great saving on groceries and toiletries! FB fan and Pinterest follower! Shared post on FB and pinned Honey Bun Cake {aka Happy Birthday Jesus Cake} –

  104. Jennie Cashin says:

    You have helped me save a lot at Target – from food to healthcare items to household items. Thanks so much!

  105. I follow PPP on Pinterest!! 🙂

  106. Charlotte Plahuta says:

    I also already follow you on pinterest. Here's one recipe I'm hoping to make this week, can't wait!

  107. I’ve saved tons over Xmas time with all the updates from Amazon. Diapers is also so something that I always buy when you post the new deals. I love it! Thanks!

  108. I follow on Facebook.

  109. Thank you so much love your page

  110. Jessica Dodd says:

    pinterest follower!

  111. I also follow on Pinterest.

  112. Karen Teague says:

    I did all of my Christmas shopping thru PPP!! Thanks for sending links to Kohl's black Friday and Amazon Lightning Deals. Got great deals on toys, kid's tablets, clothes, Fiestaware and even a Kitchen-Aid mixer for myself! I am new to PPP and totally addicted!!! Thanks for saving me tons of money!

  113. You have saved my families hundreds from both publix and amazon! We also bought out kitchen aide mixer from one of the deals you posted.

  114. Saving on diapers and snacks. Also a Facebook fan!

  115. I loved the chevron scarf deal! And the hobby lobby 40% off coupon! Keep em coming!!

  116. Sonia Brownlow says:

    I love PPP! The list of ways I have saved as a result of this site could go on forever! However, I was really excited when I scored an Elf on the shelf for half off last year after reading a post on Facebook from PPP. I am a loyal Facebook follower and have shared this status as well.

  117. Adriene Unverferth Swyers says:

    I'm just starting to utilize coupons and really appreciate your site! I'm learning a lot and can't thank you enough for all the hard work! 🙂

  118. I am also a fb follower!

  119. Kelsy Moses says:

    I'm following you on Pinterest, now.

  120. my new favorite thing is the target deals. The cartwheel app along with in store coupons make for great savings.

  121. Amber Chason says:

    I love Ppp… following on fb!!

  122. Nennette Barriga says:

    I'm just a mom who likes to save money too! I love your passionate penny pincher website! Thank you for all the great shopping lists.

  123. Lori Livingston says:

    Thanks for all that you do to help us all save money! We would be lost without you!!

  124. love PPP starting out saving 50% or more (including diapers) on all shopping trips

  125. Laura McClave says:

    I am fan.

  126. alexandra says:

    I have saved so much since I have started reading your blog, but the greatest thing is time because of your 10 min or less print list.

  127. I have saved on a lot especially the amazon deals and the kitchen aid mixer from Kohls….Thank you

  128. alexandra says:

    I follow on Facebook!

  129. The Amazon deals always save me so much $$ keep them coming!

  130. Lori Livingston says:

    Follow on Facebook

  131. Already a FB fan!

  132. Lori Livingston says:

    Just started following you on Pinterest!

  133. Kelsy Moses says:

    I pinned a recipe to my board. Thanks!

  134. Shared on FB wall!

  135. Love the 10 min Publix list.

  136. I follow PPP on faccebook

  137. I would have to say the thing I’ve saved most on is toilet paper

  138. Tabitha Sparks says:

    Love the site! So helpful! Its been great saving on groceries and toiletries! FB fan and Pinterest follower! Shared post on FB and pinned Honey Bun Cake {aka Happy Birthday Jesus Cake} –

  139. I follow PPP on facebook

  140. Shared on facebook

  141. I follow on pinterest

  142. Jessica Compton says:

    Love Amazon! Love your Target deals!

  143. Follow on pinterest

  144. Jessica Compton says:

    I follow on FB.

  145. Paige Corlew Naylor says:

    I love this site!! So many great ways to save. Fb fan and pintrest!! This site helps me spend less on groceries every week!!

  146. Cynthia M Wilson says:

    I'm new to your page. I love the fact that you have been totally transparent with the 25 days of getting organized. Thanks for showing me that sometimes your house will get out of control. I love it. Doesn't make me feel bad about my dust that was on top of items that were out of site out of mind. LOL if I do win please send they notice to I do not use the email for my FB account.

  147. Glenda Scott Straughen says:

    I recently join PPP and it has made me so aware of how I can save money for my family. One of my first deals I scored was buying three big bags of M&Ms, combining two different coupons, and then adding my Target cartwheel, and I paid $.93 for each bag!!! The M&Ms were originally $4.58 each. SCORE!!!

  148. Saved tons at cvs!

  149. Cynthia M Wilson says:

    I have liked the page on FB. If I win please send notice to

  150. Cynthia M Wilson says:

    shared the post on FB f I win please send notice to

  151. Shannon C says:

    You help me save on so much, but the first thing besides groceries I remember getting was the rockin Elmo for my son, for practically nothing

  152. Kathy Healy Garcia says:
  153. Shannon C says:

    I’m already a fan on Facebook

  154. Shannon C says:

    I shared this post on fb

  155. Deanna Gaspard Collier says:

    Just started couponing and your site is such a big help! Saved money on stuff that you have to have, like personal stuff, and groceries!

  156. Cynthia M Wilson says:

    joined Pininterest If I win please send notice to

  157. Cloi Rowley says:

    I'm a fan on FB!

  158. Sharon Mears Rupert says:

    I have enjoyed the things I have seen here. Some incredible recipes/gift ideas that truly help you enjoy others without a ton of money!

  159. Jessica Musante says:

    I love your amazon deals on lodge cookware

  160. Shannon C says:

    I follow on Pinterest

  161. I love your blog!! There are many frugal/money saving blogs, but yours is one of my top two!! Thanks for all the information you share with us! I saved a lot at Christmas time with your amazon deals. Also love the 10 min or less print list.

  162. Cloi Rowley says:

    I love your frugal recipes. So many good ideas!

  163. Jessica Compton says:

    I follow on Pinterest.

  164. Shared your facebook post!

  165. All ready following on Facebook.

  166. Shannon C says:

    Love the slow cooker chicken nachos

  167. Now following you on Pinterest. Can’t wait to look through your boards! 🙂

  168. I love the deals and the handy lists-makes saving money so easy! Thanks so much from a busy working mom!

  169. Pinned your slow cooker King Ranch Chicken.

  170. Heather Scott Larkin says:

    With three girls ~ I save on shampoo, condition, TP, and paper towels 🙂

  171. Jennifer Willis says:

    Something I've "saved" by using PPP is time! I love your slow cooker recipes and use my "Mrs. Potts" around 3 times a week!!

  172. Susie Lynn Averitt says:

    I am so thankful for PPP! Ya'll have saved me lots of $$ over the years! 🙂 Especially snacks for my kids, like goldfish!

  173. Heather Scott Larkin says:
  174. I love your site!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

  175. Love your site! I got some great deals on scarfs! 🙂

  176. Deanna Gaspard Collier says:

    Love this site PPP, it has helped me with learning how to coupon!!! Toothpaste, razors and shampoo, I hardly pay anything for if not free!

  177. I love PPP! Ya’ll have saved me so much $$ over the years, especially on snacks for my kids like goldfish! 🙂

  178. DeNeal Hamilton Toews says:

    I love your page and the deals i can get at CVS. Thanks for doing the work for me! Last week I got lots of free milk and cereal!!

  179. Donna Garrison says:

    Great savings ideas.

  180. Laura McClave says:

    Ok so here is my pin, I became a fan on facebook, I have shared your giveaway, and I am following you on Pintrest now. I have saved by your tips on ebooks, coupons and sales.

  181. I also follow you on facebook!

  182. I shared your post on facebook!

  183. I have saved lots of money on shampoo, bath soap, body washes, etc. I follow on PPP site. Thanks so much!

  184. I love the Lego deals that you post!

  185. I have saved on so many things through Amazon by following you 🙂

  186. I follow you on FB!

  187. I just followed you on Pinterest!

  188. Laura McClave says:

    I have saved by your coupon ideas. Also I have become a facebook fan, and now I follow you on Pintrest and here is what i repined

    Thanks so much!

  189. And, I just pinned your slow cooker Italian Beef recipe here:

  190. I have to narrow it down to only one item! Yikes. I have saved on sooo many. Weekly at Publix!

  191. I follow you on facebook!

  192. Christine Barfield Nunn says:

    One item? You save me money every week on many things at Publix and target. Thanks!

  193. I follow you on pinterest.

  194. Carlita Coleman says:

    Love PPP I am following you on Pinterest and Facebook I have saved money on cleaning supplies since finding you gals.

  195. I've saved on Diapers! Thank you for all the Great post! I stockpiled on diapers through before I had my son. I never had to buy any diapers at regular price! He's now a little over 2 and I still have diapers. Thank you!

  196. Hope Ferguson Smith says:

    Have occasionally browsed this site from and LOVE your recipes! Thanks!

  197. Kate Neal says:

    Happily a BIG fan on FB! I so enjoy reading your posts (especially personal ones) to get to know you better… and, of course, save money. Praying for you as you are preparing for your move! Thanks for the give away!

  198. K2licious says:

    Happily a BIG fan on FB! I so enjoy reading your posts (especially personal ones) to get to know you better… and, of course, save money. Praying for you as you are preparing for your move! Thanks for the give away!

  199. I shared on pinterest the slow cooker French dip sliders. They look delicious!

  200. Kim dudley says:

    Love amazon!

  201. Brandy Foucher- Eganhouse says:

    I just saved this week on the DiGiorno deal, it's an awesome one with a teen boy in the house. 🙂

  202. Brandy Foucher- Eganhouse says:

    I already follow on FB

  203. Pamela Kerns says:


  204. Jeanine Clark says:

    I printed the B1G1 Cheerios coupon I found on your page. Thank you for the giveaway!! 🙂

  205. Jeanine Clark says:

    I follow PPP on Facebook!

  206. I save on all sorts of things! In fact, I’m about to go on a Dollar Tree freebie run!

  207. Kristina Marie says:

    love your website really opened my eyes to how much savings I can get !! hope to win 🙂

  208. Ashley trotter says:

    I have liked & shared lift a comment diapers are my favorite thing to save on. Pinned something of yours on Pinterest and like you on Pinterest

  209. I already follow you on Facebook.

  210. Paisley Ktpl says:

    It's always the tp, can never get enough!

  211. Paisley Ktpl says:

    Fan already on FB.

  212. I’ve saved so much on Amazon, I love when you update deals that can be found on there!

  213. I started following several of your boards on Pinterest.

  214. I've saved money by using the Cartwheel at Target and loved the tutorial you have posted.

  215. Jessica Sines Lee says:

    I regularly shop publix and enjoy all your posts, each week it saves me a good amount catching the extra deals I might not have seen.

  216. follow on FB-that’s where I get info right away!

  217. i like and follow on pinterest!

  218. Jeanine Clark says:

    I shared this giveaway post on Facebook. Thank you!!

  219. I shared the Amazon gift card link on Facebook.

  220. I got that great staples paper towel deal and the razor 360 bike for my son at Christmas! Thanks!

  221. I am a facebook fan!

  222. I follow you on Pineterest¡

  223. Jennifer Bouknight says:

    I have saved by menu planning and using some of your slow cooker recipes – the cream cheese chicken chili and the Ranch Pork Chops in particular.

  224. Kindle books. Since Christmas, I’ve been loving those posts!

  225. I got that great staples paper towel deal and the razor 360 bike for my son at Christmas! Thanks!

  226. I am your fan on FB.

  227. I shared the post!

  228. I use the store matchups all the time to get great prices on my groceries every week. Probably one of the best deals I got was on texas toast with bogo and coupons I was able not only to stock up for my family, but provide for my church dinner. I think it turned out to be 20 cents a box. With coupons I was also able to provide my church's weekend food program with cup of noodle soup for tax.

  229. Lots of drug store items: toothpaste, shampoo, razors…

  230. Jessica Johnson says:

    Love all the deals!

  231. I save so much following your site 🙂

  232. Christy Dickinson says:

    I’ve saved a ton on diapers!

  233. Target groceries!

  234. I follow you on Facebook

  235. Jeanine Clark says:

    I follow PPP on Pinterest now. 🙂 I can’t wait to check out all your pins!!

  236. Shared post on Facebook

  237. Already follow you on pinterest

  238. Jeanine Clark says:

    I repinned your lotion bars.cant wait to try them.

  239. To many it choose just one, but I have saved a ton with your help! FB Fan and Pinterst Follower!

  240. I recently saved on the Zulily Build a Bear sale you posted the other day! I also often save on the CVS scenarios you post! 🙂

    I re-pinned the philly cheesesteak recipe! Can’t wait to try it! 🙂

  242. I couldn’t coupon without your site. You have made it easy and fun!

  243. I have saved on groceries and personal care items!

  244. Already a FB fan!

  245. Cheryl Tucker says:

    I save on everything!

  246. Cheryl Tucker says:

    I like you on FB

  247. Cheryl Tucker says:

    I follow you on Pinterest

  248. Cheryl Tucker says:

    I’m heading to FB right now to post this.

  249. SHARON RENFROE says:

    Last week was my first time using the PPP transactions and already making lots of friends and family happy. Sharing what I don’t need. Thank you. Amazon gift card great for college books.

  250. I have saved so much on my CVS trips thanks to PPP!

  251. I’m already a fan on Facebook and have shared this link.

  252. I follow you on Pinterest and here’s a link to one of my pins from your page 🙂

  253. Amie Helms says:

    I saved so much during Christmas this thanks to your website. I bought jewlery, scarves, and toys. Thank you so much for what you do. I work full time and your website saves me so much time and money!

  254. Pam Conner says:

    I have been able to get so many free items with the freebie category. It is so hard just to mention 1 item but toothpaste is a great one.

  255. The most helpful site ever! Thank you!!

  256. Shannon Daughtry says:

    Lego and I just signed up for Subscribe and Save on Amazon!

  257. Michelle Smith says:

    I have save so much by following your weekly Publix shopping trips.
    Thank you!

  258. Shannon Daughtry says:

    Shared on FB 🙂

  259. I have saved on hundreds of items from your site. My favorite is always the cereal deals, free toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. and the Amazon deals.

  260. I am a Facebook fan.

  261. I am a FB fan also! I commented both ways. I love PPP! You make shopping and saving nearly effortless! I save at Target, Publix, and Amazon!

  262. Jennifer Wyss says:

    Thank you PPP. I really enjoy your sites on FB and Pintrest

  263. Amber salas says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. Without you I couldn’t have saved all the money I have at dollar general and dollar tree it’s a little bit harder and overwhelming with the coupon rules in California and you have helped eliminate some of the confusion for me Ty

  264. tricia canida says:

    I have shared on facebook. I have saved a lot on groceries since joining.

  265. Janelle Turnbull says:

    I save on groceries!

  266. Jennifer B. says:

    It’d be really hard to narrow it down to list just one item I’ve saved on by following PPP, so I’ll skirt that by saying “groceries”!! c:

  267. Virginia Shuherk says:

    I love all the store matchups that you so faithfully keep us informed about. Helps tremendously when buying groceries and health/beauty aids! The little freebies (eg. Snicker’s giveaway) are just like a little frosting on the cake!

  268. Movie rentals 🙂

  269. tried clicking the link, but I got an error, so I thought if try this. I follow you on Pinterest and on FB
    Congrats on your success!

  270. I use PPP for my weekly Publix shopping trip and other great tips such as the pampers at Tide at CVS this week! Thanks for all you do~

  271. grocery items, Kohl’s

  272. Lisa Paton says:

    Love all the store matchups!

  273. I shared the post and follow on Facebook!

  274. I have saved so much on groceries hands to ppp

  275. Nicole Reeves says:

    Frozen veggies!

  276. I’m following PPP on Pinterest

  277. Finish tabs for the dishwasher.

  278. I save on groceries all the time, thanks so much!

  279. Kacie Johnston says:

    I save on so many things I just can’t name one!

  280. Kacie Johnston says:

    I save on so many things I just can’t name one! Shampoo and Conditioner perhaps 🙂

  281. I save on groceries thanks to your site!

  282. I am o fan on FB 🙂

  283. I just signed up to follow you on Pinterest

  284. I repinned the crockpot pork chop recipe – can’t wait to try it!

  285. Too hard to say one item. Thanks so much!

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  288. I shared the post on Facebook

  289. Nicole Reeves says:

    I already “like” you on FB.

  290. I use the Home Binder/shopping type printable all the time and this is my ‘go-to’ site for store/coupon match ups.
    Thank YOU!

  291. I also pinned!

  292. lee travis says:

    Love you fb posts..thanks and good luck to all

  293. You’ve given me great deals from Publix and great coupons.

  294. I saved on my “Mrs. Potts.” She’s my favorite cook : ) Thank you for all the great recipes and savings. Congratulations!

  295. I follow PPP on Pinterest!

  296. Genevieve says:

    Saved on TP! Also a fan on FB and Pinterest.

  297. Made your Easy Meatball Subs using the King’s Hawaiian rolls that were on sale this week, and now my husband thinks I’m the best cook ever – Thank you!

  298. I want to be just like you! I would love to be organized, and be able to save money at the same time. You make it all seem to easy and very helpful. Thank you for been an inspiration. I just need to get busy and just do it! I have so much I need to do to better my life and my Family! Thank you!!

  299. All of these posts are a testament to your hard work. Saved $50 tonight on my Publix shopping trip. Thanks for inspiring us! 🙂

  300. I just found out about you today and boy am I sad about all I’ve been missing! Can’t wait to start saving!!

  301. I follow on fb!

  302. following on pinterest

  303. Jessie C. says:

    Tissue paper for sure.

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    Joined PPP on Pinterest

  306. Jessie C. says:


  307. I’ve found TONS of free e-books to read on the Kindle while I’m saving pennies not having satellite!

  308. The toilet paper savings brought me to your site. I am seriously liking the ordering on amazon and having it shipped to me…. hoping I win one of these cards!!! Thank you!!!!

  309. Mary Withrow says:

    I havent been using coupons like I should lately but I did use dog food and lotion.

  310. Mary Withrow says:

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    Thank you and Congrats on 50,000 fans that is truly a milestone!

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    Last but not least, I shared on Facebook @MaryMWithrow

  314. It’s hard to only name one item I’ve saved money on since follow PPP – but I guess I’ll pick the dishwashing category. I haven’t bought a bottle of dishwashing liquid or any dishwasher detergent in over a year thanks to my incredible stockpile made possible through couponing.

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