Target Updates: Cereal Deal, Big Savings on M&Ms, Lean Pockets, Skinny Cow and More

I made a quick trip to Target yesterday to try out the cereal deal, and was pretty excited with the prices! The only items included in the $5 Target gift card promotion were the “new” flavors of Krave Cereal (S'mores), Chocolate Toast Crunch, Cheerios Dark Chocolate and General Mills Fiber One Protein, so here's what I bought:

Bought 2 Chocolate Toast Crunch $2.94

Bought 1 Krave $2.94

Bought 1 Bic Pencil pack on sale $1.49

Bought 1 Mission Tortilla on sale $2.50

My kids didn't really like the Chocolate Toast Crunch Cereal (which kind of is okay with me!), so the extra box as well as the Krave will be heading to our donation bin. For less than $1 per box, these are a great item to donate!  Here are a few more deals you'll want to watch for this week at Target . . .

Print this *HOT* coupon for $2.50/1 M&M's 15 oz., which will come in handy with Valentine's Day coming soon!  Use it to get this great deal at Target:


Also right now, you can get Skinny Cow Ice Cream and Lean Pockets for only $1.20 a piece.  Here's the best way to get this one:

Buy 1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream $3.99 and 4 Lean Pockets $2, for $11.99

Thanks, TotallyTarget for some of these deals!  See all the top deals at Target this week, and create your Target shopping list before you shop.

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  1. Sherri Kauk Cleasby says

    Ha, Ha, Ha…love your post but will have to say I got ya beat this time…Yeah me!

  2. I went and did the deal too. There were 75 cent off coupons for the Dark Chocolate Cheerios. $1/2 of General Mills and the Krave one.
    4 Dark Chocolate Cheerios-used 4 of the 75 cent off coupons
    4 Chocolate Toast Crunch- used 2 of the $1/2 coupons
    1 Krave- 50 cent off
    For every 3 boxes you get $5 gift card so when all was said and done I spent $5.42 on 9 boxes of cereal

  3. The only 2.50 coupon off of M&Ms I could find says redeemable at walmart. Does Target accept them??

  4. There’s also a skinny cow coupon for I think $1/1.

  5. I did the m&m deal today but the girl told me she had to do the cartwheel after all of my couponss. A few weeks ago when I used cartwheel it was just after my target in store coupons.. So which is the real deal??

  6. jayme @ No Regrets Living says

    The M&Ms didn’t seem to work for me — the Valentine’s ones weren’t 15oz+, so the $2.50 coupon wouldn’t apply, right?

    • No you have to buy the LARGE size ones but not the HUGE bags that have the resealable strip in them. The ones I bought were $4.39 or $4.79, can’t remember which… but I used the $1.50 off 3, the cartwheel, and then 3 of the $2.50 off 1 – it was a good deal but I didn’t save as much on the cartwheel because she did it after the other coupons. Last time I was in there, they did it after the target store coupons – so I am confused which way it works…

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