Sunday Coupon Preview: 12/30/12 (And Why I Might Switch To Just Printable Coupons In 2013. . . )

It looks like we’ll see just one set of coupon inserts this weekend ~ a P&G insert. Hopefully in 2013 we’ll see lots more inserts (they always slow down a bit during the Christmas season to give us a bit of a break!)


Also, I’m seriously (prayerfully?) 🙂 considering switching over to only printable coupons in 2013. My coupon binder has become more than I can keep up with (even though I do love it when I’m organized!), and most of the shopping trips I’ve taken over the last month have used only printable coupons that I’ve scrounged up in a few minutes before heading out to shop. I have two computers so I can print a few extra coupons if I need them, which definitely makes my decision easier! I’d love to hear your thoughts and if any of you use only printable coupons  . . . and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!


If you’re considering making the switch too, I definitely recommend a Laser Printer . . . my printing costs me just a few pennies and is way cheaper than purchasing the paper each week!



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  1. kim burnette says:

    I thought about this before..but i missed some good free stuff. So what i do is print what i want and then if i want a specific coupon I get them on EBay cheaper than then the price of papers

  2. I’ve been using printable a only for a while now (thank you for the printables lists!!!) and it’s been working well.

  3. Before you give up on coupons from the paper, consider a different method for organizing. When I first started couponing, I spent 2-3 hours every Sunday afternoon clipping and organizing coupons. After getting advice from several couponing friends, I hit upon this system:
    1) Buy ONE paper and flip through the inserts.
    2) If there are coupons I know I’ll use, I buy additional papers; if not, I don’t.
    3) Clip only coupons I know I’ll use, sale or not, and file those in my binder.
    4) Jot down brand names on the cover of the insert.
    5) Date the insert and place it in a page protector in my binder.

    Saves a lot of time!

  4. I’ve never done the binder — took too much time for me. I keep my inserts whole in big gold envelopes. Take the morning to scrounge the blots for deals, clip or print the coups I need, and can be out to the stores by lunch…. home around the time my boys get off the school bus to unload the car!

  5. I have considered going the printable only route, too. Last year I switched to just filing the whole insert and clipping what I needed before each shopping trip. I have found that it really hasn’t saved me much time. In fact, sometimes I just skip the clipping all together because I don’t want to pull out my inserts or because I don’t have the time before heading to the store. (It can easily take an hour or two to prepare my coupons if I have a good size list of things we need/want.) With the printable coupons, since I print wirelessly from all our computers and iPhones, I will leave them on the printer until I know there’s a few pages up there (our printer is upstairs) and then I’ll head up to get them or have my son bring them down. I almost always clip them right away and put them in my coupon holder. 

    PLUS, I have also noticed that a good majority of the coupons that I use are printables. I would estimate that 90 – 95% of the coupons I use are ones that I printed. And they are usually just as good or better than the ones from the Sunday inserts in the newspaper.

  6. Cynthia Smith says:

    I have the binder which I store my printables and clipped in. I put my store only coupons in front, as in Target and Publix, then the rest are alphabetized. I also have the inserts stored in a file binder case, each insert has the date on front, placed in a folder, filed by chronilogical order. I buy two papers, for the BOGOs, quickly go through them clipping what I will definitly use. I have missed great coupons because I didnt clip out my most used item coupons. then file the rest for future sales, I keep only up to 4 months, most expire within this time frame. This takes me about an hour on Sundays when I get m paper and then maybe another hour or organizing for my shopping when I am preparing to go. I will continue to do both inserts and printables just because there are so many great saving coupons. I may look into purchasing just the inserts vs the paper.

  7. Sheila Womack says:

    I haven’t purchased a newspaper in about eight months and use mainly printables. If there is a coupon I know we will use a lot of I order them off of ebay. The only problem I have found with not purchasing the newspaper is couponing at CVS. Most of their deals use the coupons out of the newspaper. Starting this weekend I will start purchasing a newspaper weekly just to have the coupons for CVS,

  8. littlemisscaroline says:

    My goal for 2013 is to get organized. I’ve decided to go with a binder with the baseball card sleeves. For the past year, I carried my coupons in an envelope and I managed to save over $1300 in 2012 at my local grocery store. However, I want to maximize my savings and not forget any coupons at home. I also managed to save quite a bit at CVS too. Before couponing, I was struggling paycheck to paycheck and now I have some extra money and a stockpile of health and beauty items that I have gotten free or nearly free. I’m loving this!

  9. I used a lot of printables this past season (October – December) and found that I missed out on some good deals because I was unable to get an insert. Because I share the printer with other non-couponing people, I’ve found that it really isn’t budget friendly. Between school projects, paperwork and coupons – it runs quickly.
    Also, I’ve had to discipline myself from clipping two of every coupon just because it’s available.
    I’ve thought of purchasing from ebay, but I wonder where they get their inserts from and how legal it is. I hate the idea that I’m getting a good deal and a seller is making a profit at the expense of another losing out.

  10. I’m sweaky clean new to all this. How does one print P&G coupons?

  11. I have gone the last 3 months with no computer and no printer YIKES you wanna talk nabout a groyuchy person,since I am an avid couponer,and boy did I miss my printables something fierce,,,,but I will say I think I will continue to do both,I find it around 70% printable 30% paper but I love to get all the best deals…my binder is heavy and a pain to keep organized but it has become one of my children I never leave home without it and I always know exactly where its at lol….

  12. factord_agin says:

    Thinking about going printable too. Two downsides: I hate getting printer ink and will postpone it all costs and if I cancel my subscription to my paper then I lose internet access to its site. This would not be a good thing.

    But I’m so cheap I’m still thinking about doing it.

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