My January Stitch Fix Review

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Here’s a peek at what’s in my Stitch Fix Box this month!

love how easy this process is ~ I put in my style profile, share what types of clothes I like, how things fit me, and share an idea of what I’m looking for on my profile. I also include a link to my “cute outfits” board on Pinterest, so my stylist has a pretty good idea of what I love.


I really really loved almost everything in this box, and so struggled with what to keep. Here’s how the prices stack up:

1. Marielle Knit Top $44 ~ $33 if I keep the whole box and get the 25% off entire box discount

2. Market & Spruce Marielle Knit Top $44 ~ $33 if I keep the whole box and get the 25% off entire box discount

3. Jewel Tone Knit Cardigan $38 ~ $28.50 if I keep the whole box and get the 25% off entire box discount

4. Mustard Octavia Leah Paisley Print Scarf $28 ~ $21 if I keep the whole box and get the 25% off entire box discount

5. Liverpool Mira Skinny Jeans $78 ~ $58.50 if I keep the whole box and get the 25% off entire box discount


So what am I keeping? Just the Jean Leggings and Sweater.


You guys. 


These jean leggings might just change my life.


For real.


I’ve got to say, if you struggle with finding great jeans that fit, Stitch Fix is worth trying at least once ~ this is the 3rd pair of jeans from Stitch Fix that I’ve had to keep, because they’re just that good! 


I really thought about keeping the entire to get the 25% off discount (total box would cost $154), but don’t really think I’ll wear everything else enough to make it worth it, so my total will be $96 after my $20 Styling Credit. (I really like those jeans and they run $96 normally, so I feel like they’re worth it and I know I’ll love them.)


If you dress up frequently for work and don’t have time to shop, I really think Stitch Fix can be a fantastic option (I have loved my previous boxes, and the quality of clothing is much nicer than what I normally wear), so it may be a great option for you. 


If you’d like to try out Stitch Fix, here’s exactly how it works:

  • Sign up HERE
  • You’ll be charged $20 for your Stitch Fix Styling
  • Your box will come when you schedule it
  • If you keep ANY items in your box, the $20 you spend for the styling will be put towards your purchase (so it’s like getting $20 in free credit!)
  • If you keep your entire box you’ll save 25% off the entire purchase
  • Invite friends on Facebook or via email (or even text messages) to sign up through you and you’ll get $25 in free referral credit ~ love that!


Check out my review of previous boxes HEREHERE, HERE and HERE, and let me know what you think! 

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  1. Hi Laurie! I got a similar pair of jeans in one of my Stitch Fix boxes, and they have changed my life! I cringed at the price, but I wear them at least three times a week. I watched the live video and hoped that you would give them a chance because I knew you wouldn’t regret it!

    • Thanks so much for sharing Natosha – I totally fell in love with them and am wearing them right now! I little pricey, but gosh, a great pair of jeans that I’m pretty sure I’ll wear all the time is worth it. 🙂

  2. Cute, but $78 is a lot for jean leggings! Wish they would offer a gradual percentage off dependent upon how many items you purchase. Looking forward to the next box and thanks for sharing!

    • It did feel like a lot, but they really are nice heavy jeans (not legging material) and for me finding a pair that fit this well would take way longer than I have! So, I think it’s worth it at this season in my life (but definitely not always)! 🙂

  3. I liked the flannel plaid shirt the best of everything in your March stitch fix box. I am concerned that you said your previous jeans fit great when they first come out of the dryer. Then not so much. I would talk to them about this they aren’t sending you cheap jeans.

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