Spring Cleaning Challenge Day Two

Is everyone’s kitchen feeling fantastic after yesterday’s cleanup?  (I know mine is!)  Here’s what’s on the list for your quick Spring Cleanup today:



  1. Clean the microwave. To make the job easy, boil water in your microwave, and any gunkies will wipe right off. 🙂
  2. Wipe down the cabinet fronts. 
  3. Quickly clean any shiny surfaces in the kitchen.  Use a spray bottle with your favorite cleaner, and clean the fronts of your oven and stove top, refrigerator, and diswasher.
  4. Clean the top of the refrigerator and range hood.  
  5. Clean off the front of the refrigerator.  If you have children’s artwork there that you love, keep it!  If you don’t love it all that much, either throw it away (I know it’s hard. . . ), or find a cute way to store it.


If you have any left over paperwork that needs to be dealt with in the kitchen, deal with it.  (I did mine last night, and it’s been wonderful to have that off my list!) When you’re finished, come on back and leave a comment on this post and I’ll add you to the Spring Cleaning Challenge $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (It’ll feel so good, and you might even win a little moo-lah!) 


See previous five minute challenges (and yes, I know this one will take more than five minutes, but I bet you’ll have it done pretty quickly!) 


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  1. One of my brothers has two sons and his rule is this: Take pictures of the artwork that’s on paper and anything 3d gets placed in a box in the master bedroom closet.
    He then takes the pictures to work on a flashdrive and transfers them to his computer. When his computer goes to sleep (I think that’s what it’s called), a mix of his sons’ artwork scrolls across the screen.

  2. Jennifer G. says:

    I actually did most of these yesterday! How funny! (It’s not like I do some of those things that often) I do need to go clear off some of the artwork on the fridge. I have such a hard time doing this!! But, we homeschool and have TONS of paper floating around the house. I gave my kids a big 3 ring binder to keep the art they want to keep in. Like the above commenter, anything else gets a picture taken and posted on a blog that I keep of what we do in our “school”.

  3. Done! 🙂

  4. I did the appliances when I did the first day…probably a good thing because it took a good bit of time to get all of the handprints off of the cabinets and baseboards 🙂

  5. Got it done! So happy to have a clean kitchen!

  6. I never think to clean the top of the Fridge! Honestly, I tend to skip cleaning tall things because I’m short and if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist! 😉

  7. Sarah J. says:

    I have been wanting to wipe down our (white) cabinet fronts for awhile now. Thank you for the motivation. The kitchen is looking amazing!!

  8. just did this. Ick is all I’m saying LOL just found you a while back will be following God Bless

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