Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 6: Mattress and Pillows

Join us spring cleaning!! Are you ready to get your house in order before summer? This spring cleaning challenge is just for you!!

It's Day 6 of our Be Awesome in April Spring Cleaning Challenge, and I'm so excited to have fresh bedding all cleaned for Spring today!


(Especially since it's snowing outside right now, fresh sheets are making me feel a wee bit like Spring somewhere has to be around the corner?)


If you missed my Facebook Live you can watch it HERE.

Today after finishing up my daily morning cleaning (print my list HERE), I washed all the sheets and bedding on my bed, and tackled cleaning my mattress too.)

Here's how to Spring clean your mattress:

  1. Remove all bedding.
  2. Vacuum mattress.
  3. Sprinkle with baking soda and let sit up to 24 hours.
  4. Vacuum mattress again.

(Because a few folks asked, this is the new mattress we recently bought ~ so far we love it! I also used the Shark Apex Vacuum I mentioned over HERE ~ on sale for more than $100 less than Amazon today!))


I also dusted that pitiful fan (gross!) before tackling the bed, and dusted the rest of the room.



(a peek at our breakfast room this weekend for prom brunch ~ see more HERE . . . goodness I love how this space has slowly come together!)

Whether your home is exactly what you're dreaming of or not, I encourage you to at the very minimum today declutter your bedroom, wash your bedding, and dust all the wooden surfaces. I promise it will make your whole home feel happier today too!



You can check out today's challenge over on Facebook Live, and print your free Be Awesome in April  Spring Cleaning Checklist right over HERE too. 





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