Spent $24 For $59 In Organic & Whole Foods At Publix: It Can Be Done!


Spent $24.56, Saved $35.25 (total savings, 59%)


I’m soooooo excited to share this fun grocery trip with you all! So often I get comments on the store trips that my friend Shannon or I post sharing your frustration that many of the deals are on processed food items.



Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there are a ton of deals on processed foods, but we also save a ton on fresh fruits and veggies, cleaning supplies, household cleaners, paper products and so much more. (And I’ll be honest, every once in a while my tender-little-feelings get offended because I really do feed my kids cereal and even Sister Schubert rolls every once in a while ~ gasp.  I kind of hate that folks are maybe a wee bit more judgemental about that than I would expect!)


There. I said it. 😉




However I met Denise, a fellow (rockstar!) couponer a few years ago at our local Publix, and she does a fantastic job shopping the stores using coupons for organics. When a comment came up asking someone to show how they could coupon $20 for whole foods, she took on the challenge! Here are the coupons she used:



The coupon blogs that Denise uses to get extra organic deals are . . .


So, there you have it! While it’s definitely more difficult to save on organic grocery items and whole foods, it is not impossible. A HUGE thanks to Denise for sharing her deals with us, and if you have a great shopping trip on organics send me an email at contact@ passionate pennypincher (leave out spaces) and I’ll share it too!


Also, if you have other tips on saving big on organics and whole foods, please leave a comment to share!  You can also read this post on how to save on organics as well.


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  1. We feel so much better getting off the processed foods. I think getting the sugar out of the diet has been huge. When you start reading labels it is amazing what the food companies put in the food. Switching the peanut butter has been weird. I never thought much about the hydrogenated oils. Now we are making a trip to earthfare when they put out the coupons. They have the peanut butter machines. It really tastes so much better once you get used to it. That is also one of the things I like about no health insurance is really having to think about what we put in our mouth and making sure we get enough physical activity.

    I will update you on our budget. The interesting thing is we are way less hungry and some things are cheaper like black beans raw in bulk where you have to cook them. Black beans are very filling and nutritious. I bought raw peanuts the other day for 9.99 in a 5lb bag where you have to cook them. Some things are actually cheaper. We are using honey and maple syrup for sweeteners. I like the Ingle’s grocery around here better than the Publix because they have more organic options.

    • I think there are quite a few ways to save eating primarily whole foods too Jim – and love to hear that your family is sticking with it! We spend the bulk of our grocery budget on meat and produce (mostly produce), because I can get everything else so inexpensively. I’ve never heard of an Ingles before, so that’s interesting to hear that you like it more than Publix! 🙂 (If the Earth Fare nearby is a Publix competitor, you should be able to use their coupons at Publix too.. but I’m betting you’ve figured that out already.) 🙂

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