Soda Coupons: Save $1 On 7 Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Sunkist, or RC


If you need to stock up on soda for some upcoming tailgating or even a Halloween Party, go ahead and print this coupon to $1 on 7up, A&W, Canada Dry, RC or Sunkist Ten Soda!  Try zip 51101 if you don’t see the coupon.


These were just on sale a few weeks ago at Publix, but I’m not sure of any crazy good deals on them right now. Wal Mart carries them regularly for $3.98, so you’ll get them for just $2.98 after the coupon, or $.24 per can (which still is a pretty decent price!)


Thanks, I Heart the Mart! 


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  1. Tried this using the zip given but still couldn’t get the coupon. Happens a lot lately.

    • Ugh. It was there for sure Peg when I posted it (I printed it here….) but sometimes they go fast. I’m so sorry!

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