Slow Cooker Chicken & Dressing

Slow Cooker Chicken & Dressing: Crocktober Day 16


Oh my word. I am sooooo pleased with Crock-tober again today!


Today was slow cooker chicken and dressing, and since this is one of those recipes I hardly ever make (the last time I made it was during Crock-tober 2016 . . .), my hubby was absolutely thrilled to have dinner tonight.


(Dressing is his favorite, so this one is always a big win at our house.) 

But today I finally got RIDICULOUSLY SMART.


Like, crazy smart.


Because we usually have quite a few leftovers, it dawned on me how clever it would be to repurpose those leftovers into freezer meals for busy week nights.


Or for a night if I”m traveling and my bunch still needs to eat. 


Or even if my hubby just wants something to take to work in a month besides a cold PB&J.


I packaged up a few leftovers rather than them throwing them away, and now I have a few more meals done.



(I really didn't know I was the smartest momma on the planet, but clearly I am. And you can totally join me now and be the smartest momma too.) 🙂 


If you haven't gotten your copy of Crocktober yet, head on over HERE so I can send the free printable cookbook right out to you. (I promise, you'll love this one and it's not too late to join us! Plus, you'll get all the homemade mix recipes included too!)


And, if you'd like to order a REAL printed copy to have at home (we just got the bound version which is my favorite!) start right over HERE. 



Watch as I made this today on Facebook Live too as well where you can check out reader's comments  (I love hearing from you there!), and let me know what you're having for dinner tonight!



Crocktober Week 4 looks like (10/22/18):
  • M – Chicken & Dressing
  • T – Chicken Fajitas + Mug Brownies
  • W – Sloppy Joes
  • T – Chicken Cacciatore
  • F – Slow Cooker Whole Chicken
Crocktober Week 3 (10/15/18):
Crocktober Week 2 (10/8/18):

Crocktober Week 1 (10/1/18):

Crocktober - I'd Love This!

Happy Crocktober! 

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