Simple Summer Lunch System Challenge


If you're like me and have struggled with keeping up with lunches this summer, here's some encouragement to take a few minutes to get it together this week!


After getting home from the grocery yesterday I realized I had to throw away so much fresh fruit and even some lunchmeat because I hadn't taken time to rinse it and prepare it so my family could easily enjoy.

Now, my family is definitely old enough to prep their own fruit, but the truth is even my sweet husband doesn't think to hunt down food in the fridge unless I make it easy for him, so doing a little bit of food prep is well worth it to me. 

I spent about 30 minutes yesterday prepping fruit . . .



Making a few sandwiches and gathering up lunch staples . . .

and pulling together easy snacks so my kids (or husband!) could easily pull together a meal on the in a hurry (meaning fewer excuses to eat out because lunch or even dinner wasn't prepared.)

That tiny 30 minutes of effort is so worth it ~ and makes lunchtime just a wee bit easier in our home! 

If you're in out and about and need a meal definitely take advantage of our CHEAP SUMMER EATS LIST, but this is a great way to make sure you're saving at home, all summer long. 


highly encourage you to spend about 30 minutes prepping your kitchen too ~ I promise your pocketbook will thank you!

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  1. I would love the summer cheap eats list but its not recognizing my above email.
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