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I received an email from Kristi sharing this wonderful recipe for Cinnamon Ornaments.  I made these with my son when he was a toddler (almost ten years ago!), but had completely forgotten about them until Kristi reminded me about them. Thanks Kristy . . . we’ll be adding this to our Christmas to-do list!


From Kristi . . . 

Hi Laurie!
I wanted to share this with you…and maybe you could pass it along to the other frugal moms that follow your blog as I do. I have a wonderful Cinnamon Ornament Recipe -that my girls and I have made for the past 10 years. You may already know about it — but I thought I’d share the idea. It is a wonderful Christmas craft to do with your children and also Sunday school classes, etc. It is very cheap to make and they smell wonderful. They can also be given as gifts. Here is the recipe and instructions to make.

Cinnamon Ornaments


  1. 1 cup of Cinnamon Aldi’s has a good sized bottle for $1, or use this $0.55/1 McCormick Spice or Herb, exp. 12/31/11 (Publix, All the Trimmings Booklet )
  2. 3/4 cup of Applesauce inexpensive applesauce works perfectly!
  3. 2 TBS Regular Elmer’s School glue
  1. Mix ingredients together — until its like a cookie dough. (If its too dry you can add more applesauce, if its too wet add more cinnamon.)
  2. Mix in your school glue. (I sprinkle cinnamon on my counters -(like I would flour) and roll out with a rolling pin.)
  3. You’ll want your ‘dough’ sort of thick but not too too thick.
  4. Cut out with your favorite cookie cutter. We use Gingerbread men — also make a small whole at the top — so you can run ribbon or a ornament hanger through to hang on your tree.
  5. Place on a cooling rack and dry about 48 hours — then paint them (if you’d like!) or leave them plain. (We leave ours plain.)  You can also dry them in a food dehydrator for about 8 hours if you have one -to cut down on drying time.

This is so fun for everyone — we love making them. My girls are now 16 and 14 and they still enjoy making them. Its always been something we do together near Christmas time. We even have a small little tree that is just for the “gingerbread cinnamon ornaments” that we make.


Thanks so much for sharing Kristi . . .  I love that you make these with your girls every year!  What must-do Christmas traditions are on your list this Christmas?



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  1. Jamie Niebaum says:

    We made these same ornaments last week! I got the recipe from the “Christmas Adventure” book by Lisa Welchel, which also included some other spices like nutmeg and ginger. I baked them in the oven at 200 for one hour and that was perfect. They made the house smell so good when they were baking, and they still smell so good every time you get close to them. I was wondering if these ornaments are perishable since they have applesauce in them? The book didn’t say. Also I wish I would have known about the Aldi’s deal, I think I spent $6.38 for the big thing of cinnamon (2 cups) at Walmart. And I didn’t think about painting them, we tried food coloring on some of them but it didn’t take too well on top of the rich brown color of the cinnamon. I’ll have to remember that for next year. Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie! I think as long as they don’t break they’d be fine to reuse next year. And I was so excited about the cinnamon price at Aldi’s! 🙂

    • The only chance these would have of going bad is if they were very damp for a long time. Cinnamon oil has natural antimicrobial properties, and the only food supply (the small amount of sugar and pectin in the applesauce) is so dry that nothing could live off it. This is not unlike why hard candies can sit in a bowl, and become a solid block, but still be “safe” to eat… There just is not enough moisture for anything to grow, despite all the sugar.
      The short answer, these should be find for a long time, and despite the horrible taste, probably safe to eat for as long as you can still smell cinnamon (best guess would be 10-20 years, more if they are kept sealed most of the year)

  2. Gena Baker says:

    What an awesome gift! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I’ve been looking for a salt dough recipe but I think these Cinnamon ones are even cuter and I love the brown color!! =) I too would like to know if they’re perishable. I know my Mom has some of the salt dough ones from when I was a little one and I just turned 28.

    • We still have one of the salt ones on our tree too from when my hubby was a kid :). I definitely love the dark color of the cinnamon too…and I can’t think of any reason that they wouldn’t hold up, bu need to see if I can hunt down a definite answer for that!

  3. factord_agin says:

    Wow, did this bring back memories of my childhood. My mom used to make an edible Christmas tree, complete with strands of popcorn and cranberry garland. Our living room smelled like a bakery and our lab had the best time noshing on the gingerbread men. My little sister would go for the shortbread ornaments. Took her a week to prepare, which is probably why she only did it for three years. 🙂

  4. I made the cinnamon ornaments when my son was about 5. He is 13 now and we still have the ornaments. To top it off, they still smell.

  5. Love the cinnamon ornament recipe! Do you have the salt dough recipe? These bring back wonderful memories, that a few adults can enjoy too! Having a fun holiday cookie exchange using some of your recipes, and now, were going to make ornaments too! Thanks for all the fun idea! ~Terri

  6. Use a straw to make a perfect hole at the top of your ornaments. Works beautifully.

  7. Use a straw to make a perfect hole at the top of your ornaments. Works beautifully.

  8. Thanks for shranig. Always good to find a real expert.

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