Shannon’s Target Trip: Spent $7.84 for $19.73 in Groceries


Here’s what I grabbed at Target today for $7.84 – $19.73 in groceries!  This is what I bought:


Bought 1 Gold N Plump Chicken Breasts $5.99
Bought 1 Market Pantry Vegetables $.99
Bought 2 Snickers Ice Cream Bars $2.99
Bought 1 Firefly 4 pk Toothbrushes $1.49
Bought 1 Bayer $2.19 (great donation item)
Bought 1 Grands Biscuits $1.43 (we are having bacon, egg and cheese biscuits for dinner tonight)


See all the top deals at Target this week, and create your Target shopping list before you shop.




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  1. I've gone 6x now for the snickers ice cream bars, apparently everyone knows about this deal, as they are always gone, or they are not reordering, augh!

    • I know that is so frustrating Dawn! I actually forgot all about it until I was cleaning out my coupons. Hopefully your store will get some in stock soon!

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