Shannon’s Sam’s Trip: Spent $3.99 After Zulily Savings


Ookie dokie guys, I ventured out to Sam’s yesterday (you can see more price checks I found HERE.)  I didn’t think I’d ever need a membership but because of the  awesome Zuliliy deal Laurie posted a month ago, we decided to try it out.  I’m not too terribly convinced that Sam’s would be  a place I would go to for grocery shopping, but for produce and meat, it’s a good place to hit.  I completely agree with Laurie I think local grocery stores you can grab better deals!

Here is what I bought:

Bought 180 ct Trash Bags $12.38 (we were out, so this was great it came out to $.07 per bag)
Bought 1 Pizza $7.99 (free with Zulily deal)
Bought 1 Cheesecake Bites  (free with Zulily deal) found in the bakery
Bought 1 Gallon Milk $2.29
Bought 1 lb Blueberries $5.98 (awesome price)
Bought 3 lb Bananas $1.36 ($.45 per lb)

  • Used $20 Gift Card from Zulily deal
  • Paid $3.99 out of pocket ($24 is still not bad considering I got trash bags that hopefully will last two years!)



The Zulily deal is no longer available but we’ll be sure to post it again if it comes back! You may want to also see what’s worth buying at Sam’s Club – there are definitely savings to be had as long as you shop strategically when you’re there!

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  1. We love Sam’s Club trash bags. I haven’t found a better deal for the same quality and they last us a long time. Every now and then, they will offer a couple of dollars off of those and other items like toilet paper and paper towels. I like to try to buy when they do. You will get a flyer in the mail every couple of months with those items.

    My favorite thing to buy at Sam’s club is milk. Milk in the the Kansas City area grocery stores is $3.98 a gallon (YIKES!). Sam’s club still sells it for $2.81, so I would have loved your price of $2.29! They also get some great buys on boneless skinless chicken. We just bough at $1.88/lb and have not seen a price like that at our local grocery in a long while.

    If you can keep from buying things you don’t need, I think you will find the membership is worth it. I also seem to remember that they run a membership deal like that quite often so it winds up being pretty affordable.

    • $2.29 is definitely a great price in our area too (I’ve seen it go up and down!) $3.39-$3.79 is what I saw in both Huntsville and Columbus so far – and since we drink at least 2 gallons of milk a week (sometimes 3), that dollar savings can really add up – over $100 a year! But you’re right, being careful not to buy the things we don’t need is definitely the trick 🙂

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