Sam’s Club Prices (And Deal This Weekend. . . )


Yesterday a friend of mine and I tromped through Sam’s Club with five busy kiddos.  (I think our kids would have stayed there all day!)  I’m not sure that we got all that many great deals, but I did do a little price checking, and thought I’d share them with you.  In all honesty, they didn’t convince me that you need a Sam’s Club membership, but I’ll let you decide . . .


Strawberries 2 lb. $3.98

Seedless Grapes 3 lb. $5.98

Bananas 3 lb. $1.47

Frigo String Cheese 48 ct. $8.12 this is the only thing I purchased because I can’t ever seem to find a deal on it!

Ball Park Franks, 24 ct. $4.98

Pork Spareribs $2.48/lb.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Tenders $2.27/lb.

Pork Boston Butt Roast $1.88/lb.

Milk $2.79


If you don’t have a Sam’s Membership and would like to check out their prices, this weekend they’re offering a free day’s membership to non-members.  You can also check out their prices online at Sam’s before you go, which might help you decide if it’s worth the trip.  (I just checked the price on Size 3 Pampers and they’re $.02 higher at Sam’s than they are at Amazon, which adds up $12 per 200 diapers! So, if you’re going to visit Sam’s, be sure to know your best prices before you go!)


Thanks, Real Food Allergy Free!

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  1. The only things that look like good deals to me are the string cheese and the milk. I have almost quit going to Costco since I’ve been couponing. I used to think I did so good buying in bulk, now I know better. I buy in bulk with coupons at grocery/drugstores 🙂 I paid $1.48/lb on a boston butt that is in my crockpot right now at Foodland Tuesday and got whole chickens for 88 cents/lb. I thought those were pretty good deals. Sometimes they will run the butts for 99 cents/lb. I love Foodland.

    • I thought I’d seen that price elsewhere, and while the milk and string cheese are great (my 4 year old doesn’t eat pb so we can’t survive lunches w/o string cheese), I’m not sure that it’s worth going on a regular basis for our family . . . mostly b/c of the temptation to buy things I don’t need! (When I checked out w/ just the string cheese, the lady looked at me and said “that’s the smallest order I’ve had all day”, and I believe it!)

  2. My husband and I both have year round allergies, and between the two of us we take both Claritin and Zyrtec and occasionally take Benadryl. We buy the Sams Club generic versions and end up getting a years worth of allergy medicine for under twenty dollars. My husband is a pharmacist at a locally owned pharmacy and he gets OTC medication there at cost, but it is still cheaper buying our allergy meds from Sams Club. The discount we get on allergy meds more than covers the cost of our Sams Club membership.

    • You know, I always forget about Sam’s for prescriptions Carrie, but I definitely need to look at the prescription prices there. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I jut saved over $200 on a set of tires buying them at Sams, their pictures are MUCH better quality than what I get at the local walgreens and cvs, and I also go salting crackers! We eat alot of them and I’ve ne’er seen a coupon I paid less than $4 for 12 tubes when I pay $3 for 4 at the grocery store. That said other thank books and electronics I don’t buy paper products and things like that there

  4. Amy Weber says:

    I shop at Sam’s all the time. Here are some more price matches from the Gainesville, FL store:

    Frozen IQF Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Tyson) $13.88 for 6lbs ($2.31/lb)
    Frozen IQF B/S Chicken Breasts – 5oz Portions $22.34 for (I think) 10lbs ($2.23/lb)
    Meat Case – 80/20 Ground Beef – $2.28/lb
    Meat Case – Pork Loin Boneless Chops – $2.78/lb
    Meat Case – Beef Roast Top Round – $2.76/lb (I usually buy a roast and slice into steaks)
    Thomas Bagels – 2 Bags for $6 (Mix and match flavors)
    Big Bags of Frito Lay Chips – 2 for $5.88
    Styrofoam Paper Plates (Hefty) – $11.28 for 250 (sturdiest plates I’ve ever used!)
    Gallon Milk – $3.36
    Egg Noodles – $5.88 for 5lb bag (it’s a HUGE bag!)
    Butter – 4 Boxes w/4 Quarters in each – $9.22
    OreIda Golden Crinkles – $6.88 for 8 Lbs
    Tone’s Real Vanilla (I want to say pint?) – $6.88
    Dak Bacon 4pk – $9.88 (I haven’t bought this in a while, but I know it’s under $10 for 4 of them)

    Sam’s (like Costco and BJs) is a place that can BE a good deal, as long as you are aware of prices elsewhere, too. If I see chicken on sale for less than $2.23 a pound, I buy it there. If not, I get it at Sams. I regularly go to Sams and walk out with chicken, beef, pork and maybe some lemons (if they look good) and nothing else. I confuse the clerks.

    Hope the list is helpful to those of you going this weekend!

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