10 Reasons You Need To Shop Aldi Today


Y'all know I love Aldi (like, love Aldi), but especially in the summertime I so appreciate how easy it makes my life each week! Here are a few reasons you need to shop Aldi today too. 🙂



1. You'll save money.

Guys, I love that Aldi's prices are just so reasonable. I love that I can easily head in and fill up my trunk for under $100. (Heck, under $50 sometimes!) You'll save a bundle because you're not paying for a huge fancy store ~such a simple concept that makes a big impact on your pocketbook.

2. You'll save time.

Shopping at Aldi will save you so much time over a traditional grocery store. I can usually get in and out of Aldi in under 20 minutes, because the store just isn't as large as a regular grocery store, even though they still carry everything I need.


3. You'll decrease your stress level.

This is my favorite thing about shopping Aldi! Because Aldi is a “bare-bones” store, you won't have to choose between 48 types of granola bars and 801 types of hair conditioner.


Their selection is smaller, which just makes it a little easier to navigate the store without having to choose from just too much at a regular grocery store.



4. You can take advantage of so many great menu plans.

There are a ton of great menu plans out there for Aldi. I just noticed this one yesterday (so smart!) but you can also check out this one, this one, or this one.




5. They have a great selection of fresh produce.

Produce is my go-to item to purchase the minute I walk in the store. They have a ton of varieties available, and their prices almost always beat my local grocery store.

6. Choose from tons of organic foods. (And gluten free foods too.)

Aldi has really stepped up their game by offering a ton of organic foods, and have some great gluten free options as well. You'll find tons of organic options when you shop, and you'll pay 30-50% less than you'd pay at a regular grocery store.



7. You'll get cheap eggs. And milk. And big ole' pizzas. 🙂

‘Nuf said. (Don't miss the mega family size pizzas for $4.97. See 20 more items you need to buy at Aldi over HERE.) 

8. It's kid friendly.

Because Aldi doesn't have flashy items to choose from, you can get through Aldi without the regular stress of kids begging for toys placed right at kids-eye-level which tempt you to buy (ahem, them to beg) for more. And because everything is priced so well and includes just the basics, it's easy to let kids pick out  a special treat when walking through the store.

Not to mention they can be in charge of renting your cart for a quarter. My kids think that's the most exciting job ever! 🙂 


9. Their bathrooms are clean. 🙂

So, call me crazy but as a mom of girls I love (like, ADORE) Aldi for always guaranteeing me a clean bathroom. I've never had a bad experience in an Aldi bathroom, and for that, this momma is eternally grateful. 😉



10. You can't beat their cash back guarantee.

If you're not happy with it, return it and they'll give you all your money back + replace the item with an alternative. Love that!



Do you love shopping Aldi? I'd love to hear your favorite things to buy there! Check out these 22 Secrets You Need To Know Before Shopping Aldi, and don't miss 20 Items You Should Be Buying at Aldi too. I love that store!


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