QUICK! Take On A Five Minute Challenge With Me. . .

Quick! Hop on up from the computer and go throw five items in your fridge away that needed to get cleared out.  Ready, set, gooooo!


All done?  Woohoooo!  🙂


For those of you who’ve wondered where our daily five minute challenges have gone, I’m trying to limit myself to what I can keep up with in the summertime, so these will be popping in when I have a minute, but I don’t think there’s any way they’ll be back every day until the fall.  This morning though I happened to throw five things out of my fridge and just that quick cleanup made such a difference, so I thought you might enjoy it too.  I’d love to hear if you’ve tackled any great five minute challenges in your home this summer!



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  1. Last week I took five minutes to put all the outdoor activities in a bin. Bubbles, water guns, water balloons, chalk, etc. that had found their way into the house were gathered and placed on the back porch. I even added some sunscreen and a can of insect repellent.

  2. I cleared the miscellaneous shoes, odd socks, books, and Barbie accessories out from under the kids’ beds! Their beds are close to the floor and we don’t keep toys in their room, so it really was 5 minutes. I also installed a flag base (and flag) on the front porch. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Next: sweep off the trampoline.

    • Great job Nancy! De-cluttering toys from my kids rooms is one of my least favorite jobs…. I’m so impressed you’ve tackled it. 🙂

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