Publix Best Meals Happen At Homes In-Ad Coupon Deals


With this week’s Best Meals Happy At Home Promotion from Publix, there are some great deals to be had!  My friend Shannon did a little price checking on some of the in-ad coupon prices for the Publix ad, which should make for some decent deals.  All the coupons can be found in your store ad, or they’re available to print online over HERE.  Here’s what she found:

  • As low as $1.09

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  1. FIrst I just want to say I love your site and really appreciate all of the work you put into it. It is such a huge help! I have a question about the Publix “Buy theirs get ours free” deals. Do you have to buy all four products or can you for instance only buy the chicken broth? ALso, can you buy more than one product and receive more than one free one? Thanks so much for any help anyone can give!

    • Hi Joy – so glad you’re here! No, that’s just the best way to get the deal because of the $1/2 coupon. You can just buy one, get your Publix brand free, and then you’re done (do be sure to use the $1/1 in ad coupon though!) Hope that helps 🙂

  2. The Fiber One cereal is on sale 2/$5 at Publix – I used the $2 GM coupon and got it for $0.50 yesterday! I was so excited! There are so many great deals to be had this week! 🙂

  3. Thank you much, that answer helps a lot!

  4. FYI: I stopped in my Publix in Decatur this morning. There was an endcap display of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. On the cardboard display, there was a tearpad for $1.50 off any sour cream WYB 2 Lipton Soup mixes. So you can get free sour cream (Publix brand is $1.09 in this week’s ad) along with your soup mix if you were planning to use that coupon!

    • P.S. I also got the overage from the sour cream coupon… so I got two boxes of soup mix @ 1.69 each and one sour cream @ 1.09 and used the $1.50 off of any sour cream and the $1.00/2 on the soup mix… so I think I was able to get all three products for a total of $1.97. I can’t complain about that.

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