Price Matching At Walmart


I am so indebted to the PPP reader who reminded me about price matching at Walmart, because it has scored me some fantastic deals on produce! Now I know that not all Walmart stores accept Aldi prices as a competitor, but if yours does, it's definitely worth trying out. Here's what I priced matched this week:

  • 5 lb. bag of potatoes $2.99 at Walmart ~ price matched to $.99 from Aldi store ad
  • 4 ears corn $3 at Walmart ~ price matched to $1.49 from Aldi store ad


I really wanted to also pick up some red onions which were on sale this week, but Walmart was all out. My store has not given me any problems at all about price matching, and it really has made my shopping go a little more smoothly! I usually stop by Walmart early in the morning to make my trip go more smoothly, and have the Aldi ad with me when I go.



See more about how to use price matching at Walmart over HERE, and let me know if it's worked for you!

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  1. the wal-mart where i live will not price match aldi’s prices! they said the size of aldi’s items are smaller than there…….like the bananas, eggs, milk……….. I honestly don’t see no difference. But heck this wal-mart won’t even hardly price match anything. there is just a select few ppl who will and the ones I new that would do it have all gotten fired. So I thin that wal-mart has the workers scared at the fact if they price match they will get fired! they want to see every ad you do and then make sure it is the right item and everything!!! just a complete waste of time! and let me not say if a printable coupon does not want to scan (which is most of the time) they will not honor it for you!!! I live in gainesville ga!

  2. Julie Breecham says

    The produce department at my local Walmart is disgraceful! I have complained to 3 people (2 managers and the produce guy himself) and called customer service, who said I would be getting a call from district manager 5-8 days (that was 3 weeks ago). I won't buy produce OR meat from ours.

    • We are so lucky because our produce at Walmart looks GREAT… I’ve been so impressed! While I love the Aldi prices our produce there has been hit or miss, but Walmart has been more consistent. I know this varies (a ton!) by store, so I feel so fortunate that it’s worked in our stores, but know it won’t work for everyone.

  3. I’m in Round Rock, TX and our Walmart DOES price match, and not only on produce, but ANYTHING. I often go into Walmart with several ads. I usually sit down on Sunday with all my sales papers and compare prices. If something is on sale for what I think is a good price, I’ll circle it in that ad and compare the prices while I’m at Walmart later that week. After I make my grocery list, and pull any necessary coupons, I then go back through the ads to see if anything I already have on my list is on sale at any other store. If it is, circle it and write the sale price and store on my list, so when I’m shopping at Walmart, I have a quick reference of which ad I need to double check and/or have ready at the check out. I have also found that pulling all my price match items to the very beginning of my checkout helps the process. I put all those items on the belt first, and let the clerk know that these are all price match items and that I have the ads if they need them. MOST of the time, the clerk, seeing at how prepared I am, does not even question me. Then once the price match items are scanned, the clerk can continue on with the rest of the ticket at a quicker pace.

    I also found out that my Walmart will match Store brand for store brand. Example: Target brand eggs were on sale right before Easter for $0.99 a dozen. I was able to buy Walmart brand eggs and price match. The same goes for Milk. Woo Hoo!

    • That’s awesome that you’ve been able to get so much – thanks for sharing Cristy!!! Also, great tips on handling it at checkout… I’m sure your cashier appreciates that so much 🙂

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