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Oakville Grocery


As prices on groceries seem to be climbing these days, I’m considering updating the stock-up price list, and would love your input!  


So . . . what’s the best price you’ve seen lately on . . .


  • 1 gallon of milk?
  • 1 dozen eggs?
  • 8 oz. shredded cheese?
  • 1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast?
  • 1 lb. ground beef?
  • grapes?
  • bananas?
  • apples?
  • popcorn?
  • baking products?
  • any other basic pantry staple?


Please leave a comment including your top prices and which state you live in.  (And I’d love to hear which grocery store you frequently shop at!)  Hopefully I’ll have an updated list up shortly.  Thanks for your input, everyone!



Photo courtesy of axelhecht on Flickr. 


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  1. Hi Laurie, I have been enjoying your blog and your sensible, practical approach to bargain shopping. I have been doing this for decades, and there is never a time when I am not learning something new which makes thriftiness more profitable – and more delicious. I live and shop in Birmingham. I shop in every store and do not practice brand-loyalty. Most grocery shopping is at Publix and some at Winn-Dixie, cherry-picking for prices and coupon combinations and always using WD 5/30 coups. Local stores Piggly-Wiggly and Western occasionally have the absolute best prices especially on meat and poultry and better coupon doubling than other stoes but with tricky policies. We do have a big freezer and stock up when the prices are best. Drug store specials are sometimes excellent, too. It is very rare for me to violate my price rules but lately in some categories I am having to adjust..
    I do not often buy produce or milk at the major national grocery stores, their prices are just not competitive. I try to avoid driving around to all these stores for just a deal or two. These best prices below I mostly got by price-matching at Walmart. I just take all the ads with the best prices for each item and get them at once. There is a pretty nice Walmart near me and their produce is usually okay to very good. I have been known to go to the farmer’s market (not these cute chi-chi fresh-and-local fake farmer’s markets) and price-check around and dicker for the best price. We also garden and almost always have one or several kinds of our own vegetables, fruits, and berries.
    Best recent prices:

    dozen eggs 0.69 Aldi (for several weeks, I hear from Birmingham Bargain
    Mom), 0.99 lots of places
    1 lb. boneless skinless breasts 1.29/lb. I think it was in the Food Smart ad, a part of the Western
    Supermarket group, have seen 1.49 several different places
    split chicken breasts 0.98/lb. now at Food Giant, occasionally 0.99 at various places
    whole chickens 0.79 last week , matched from either Food Giant or Food S.
    ground beef and ground chuck 1.99/lb. beef last week at Food Giant, this week chuck at Food
    Smart on weekend special
    grapes, red or white 0.79/lb. last week at Aldi
    apples under $1.00 per 3-lb. bag, beginning in the fall at harvest time,
    Aldi and several places
    baking powder 0.25 per short can of Clabber Girl, Walgreens puts them on
    clearance after Christmas or the first of the year when they figure
    baking season is over – also there will be coupons for these
    8 oz. cheese my target remains the same as yours, under 1.00, but is not as
    easy as it used to be. I cannot tell you exactly what I have paid
    because I would have to take into account the 5/30 Q’s. I stock up
    in a big way when the prices is right and coupons plentiful
    because it will keep for months and even freeze.

    • Thanks so much for sharing Lynda! Our eggs had been $.69 at Aldi, and I keep hoping they’ll go back to that price. Thanks so much for your price points ~ that helps so much to see where prices are at in other areas! 🙂

  2. (Sorry the line-formatting is such a mess – I tried but failed to make it look neat, all the careful spacing disappeared when posted!)

  3. Prices are from East Texas and before coupons:
    ■1 gallon of milk?
    3.44 for Borden’s
    2.50 for Springdale/Kroger
    ■1 dozen eggs?
    ■8 oz. shredded cheese?
    ■1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breast?
    ■1 lb. ground beef?

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