YOUNG ADULTS – Pinecone Research Needs YOU! (Pays $3 Per Survey!)



Pinecone Research has opened for new survey participants for specific ages, 18-24!   Just complete their surveys, and you receive cash!


Besides younger adults, Pinecone is also looking for males to take surveys – so sign your husband up and start earning $3 per survey!

My friend Jamie was telling me last week that she and her husband did Pinecone Research for a few years and were receiving $3 checks in the mail for each one on a regular basis!  Those $3 add up – especially if you have time to do lots and are the demographic they're looking for 😉

You won’t get rich completing surveys, however you may earn an extra penny or two. :)  They only have a few spaces available and aren’t offered all that frequently, so you’ll want to sign up soon if you’re interested.



If you’re accepted, Pinecone Research will pay you up to $3 per survey that you complete.  I’ve heard that people who’ve used Pinecone Research have been very pleased with the company, but I have not used them myself.  If you’ve had any experience with Pinecone Research I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Head on over HERE to get started if you’re interested in learning more.

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  1. The link does not work 🙁

  2. Maybe try one more time Jodie – it just worked for me?

  3. I have been participating in Pinecone Research for several years. I'm not getting rich, but taking a quick survey for $3 once or more a week DOES add up. Occasionally, they will also send me new products that are not yet on the market to try out and evaluate. Who doesn't like getting free stuff? : )

  4. Is this in Aust or America?

  5. Is this real or is it a scam?

  6. I did this pinecone research bull honkey for a while and never got paid a dime. I participated in several surveys but most of them I spent a ton of time on and then it said I wasn’t right for that survey. I finally asked them to stop contacting me. What a waste of time.

  7. I have been doing this for 6 years. When they send me a survey, it’s because I qualified and I get paid EVERY time I fill one out – 15 minutes or so. I do get qualifier questionnaires that I fill out every few weeks and often get a paying survey a few days later. The questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes. Occasionally I’ll get full-size products to try and I get a survey for that product and once I fill it out, I get $3 in my account then too.

    You can request a payout (I get a check) at any time. Right now I have $36 and will get it right before Christmas.

  8. I have issues with giving out my name, address, age, income, phone, etc for 3.00. Not worth it. When I need extra cash, I go to one of my Facebook swap groups and sell extra stuff laying around the house. I make 50-100 a month doing that.

  9. Stephanie Desmond Smith says:

    I just tried it, it said it was no longer available..

  10. Sonya Jackson says:

    I don’t know how often Pinecone accepts new people to take their surveys. However, if it is available, I would definitely sign up. I’ve signed up with just about every company out there over the years, and this is BY FAR the best company out there. As mentioned in a previous comment, if you receive a survey from them, you are already qualified. You never receive a message that you didn’t qualify. They regularly send very brief (less than 5 minutes) surveys that are household questions to help qualify you for future surveys. Those do not pay, and they tell you that up front. However, the more of those you complete, the more regular surveys you receive. Every survey pays $3. If you choose to be paid out cash, there is a pay pal option. It’s not like you get surveys every day or even every week, but knowing if I do the survey, I will get paid, it is well worth my time. I do almost every survey they send me, and I made a little over $100 last year. Surveys don’t take long to complete, and the pay is very fast. I choose to be paid out to pay pal immediately after every survey, and I have it in my paypal within 2 business days after taking a survey. In addition, I have received products to try based on a survey I completed less than 3 days prior. When you receive products to try, you complete another survey, and you are paid another $3. Anytime a question has come up, I have received a response to my question within 24 hours. I can’t say enough good things about this company. I would highly recommend them!!! Sorry to be so lengthy. This is my first time commenting on this blog after I started following and reading it daily! LOVE the recipes and my family is very appreciative. THANKS!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Sonya – so glad to hear you’ve been pleased with them! And thanks so much for letting me know you read PPP, always makes me so thankful to know folks are reading (and especially try out the recipes.) Thank you!

  11. Barb Butz says:

    Recently joined – surveys are easy and short. $3 per survey into your account — it all adds up! 🙂

  12. Pinecone Research is not a scam and the best!! I’ve been doing them for years and for the most part they are very interesting. I have NEVER not been paid. I also have received numerous products to try and it is so much fun to see a box on the porch from pinecone and know that I’m receiving a “not yet available on the market” product to try. I get the money sent to my paypal account and use it to pay for extra Sunday papers or coupons. While $3 may not sound like a lot it can quickly add up. I’ve signed up for a few other “survey sites” and was not happy. I will stick with pinecone and recommend them highly!

  13. I’ve been completing surveys for this company for several years. It is real and not a scam. I think it was nicer when the actual $3 was deposited into your Paypal account because I did this to help put food on my table for my daughter during a drawn out divorce. Now you get points that equal money or you can pick giftcards or merchandise. I would recommend this company to anyone. I recently cashed in most of my points and will be getting $75 put in my Paypal account to use for holiday traveling money. Also, I have tried other sites like those mentioned…spend a lot of time filling out info then be told you don’t qualify…that is not Pinecone Research!!!!!!!

  14. I’ve been participating in this company surveys for a while. I have received some products to try out, that aren’t on the market yet, which is really awesome. The surveys are interesting to fill out and it’s neat to see what new products may be coming out. I get points per survey, (300 which is equal to $3.00). I have them saved up, which will allow me to buy gift cards, or whatever. It’s really a neat deal and doesn’t take up much of your time to complete.

  15. I have been participating in Pinecone research for years. I have always gotten paid after completing surveys. They have never wasted my time asking for information and then saying I was not qualified. They have also sent me products to try (which I really enjoyed). I use the money I get from Pinecone to pay for extra coupons that I might need to order. I recommend them highly.

  16. Pinecone is awesome. The surveys are interesting and don’t screen out. It would be great if other survey companies followed their model.

  17. Teresa Medina says:

    I joined Pinecone when my boys were little. It payed more in those days and I was lucky to get lots of surveys and a few products to try. They always paid fast and this was money I used to save up for trips during the year. It was great! I have not been able to get on board again for a while. I think I have aged out, and my boys are now men in their 30’s. Sure wish they would work on getting a group for surveys aimed at those of us 55 and older. We still buy products and travel and enjoy all the same things as before! Even more so, there are plenty of products aimed at my age group!!

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