Panera Bread: Possible Freebies During the Month of September

Just a reminder to check your Panera account – in the past several PPP readers even had free soup every day, so I'd love to hear if you get a great Panera freebie!

Do you have a Panera Bread nearby? During the month of September, Panera Bread may be offering MyPanera members a free bagel or coffee everyday when you present your MyPanera card! (Please note this is only for select members – login to your Panera account to see if you received that offer before heading out. ) If you were lucky enough to get one, what a great freebie!

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You should also score a free birthday pastry when you sign up for a free MyPanera account, and a few other freebies! It's one of my favorite cards to have – definitely worth signing up to enjoy some savings at Panera.

Love a bargain? Find more free stuff HERE. Also find more dining deals.

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  1. I got the reward. WOOHOO! Drive right by one on the way to work. BOOHHO, though, they don’t open until 6:00 a.m. Might have to buy in afternoon for next morn. YUM!!!

  2. My birthday is this month and I only got a free coffee or soda….no bday pastry. 🙁

  3. Melodie Bridges says

    I get a free bagel everyday this month! Whoo hoo!

  4. I had a free bagel every day in October. . . Only took advantage of it twice, but it was a nice incentive to get me there.

  5. Thanks I will check this Panera free bagel or coffee offer out, I have an old card so may need to update it. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your hard work! 🙂

  6. rowanvamp0 says

    I get a free bagel every day in the month of January so it worked for me. Thanks for sharing it had me checking my account that I haven’t used in awhile.

  7. I work at Panera and I see a lot of customers with a free bagel or pastry for the whole month. Also, rewards for your birthday and for just because Panera really does care about their customers. My store is known for our friendliness and great food. Plus, it’s healthy!!

  8. I too, received the free bagel every day in May offer in my email yesterday. Great offer from Panera!

  9. Every month someone in my office gets free bagels for a month at Panera. I think this is great, however, I have had a rewards card since 2010 and oddly enough I have never received this offer.
    Maybe I will get lucky next year.

  10. I received my notification that I would receive a free bagel daily and that it would expire April 8. I just received my free 2nd bagel today but upon checking my account, the offer seems to have disappeared from my Rewards on my app. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted lol

  11. I haven’t received any freebies this month

  12. Wendy s Pesce says

    I got the free daily bagel for Dec too!

  13. I got the freebie for December! yay! I don’t eat them (not on my weight loss plan) but carry a ziplock with me and get everyday and either freeze or collect a few and give to family and or friends or take to a party.

  14. but the cream cheese was $1.39

  15. Susan Smith says

    I got the bagel freebie and I also got a free sweet reward on my account, so I got a cherry pastry. I get a notice in my inbox when I have a reward to redeem.

  16. In drive-thru line just now to get my free bagel. Luv it!

  17. I do not receive the free bagel, but what I simply do not understand is that while I do not get one for free, the employees dispose boxes and boxes of bagels, pastry, bread and anything else every night.

  18. I joined and then, no coupons or rewards.

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