No Spend Grocery Challenge: Days 6, 7, 8 & 9



We've survived the first nine days of our No Spend Grocery Challenge, and so far it hasn't hurt all that badly! I flew in late last night from Alabama after scrapbooking with friends (well, for me digital scrapbooking), and we had just the best time.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 2.41.19 PM

The retreat center that we scrapbook at provides all the meals for the weekend, so other than a pretzel that I grabbed before my last flight home in Chicago last night I didn't spend a penny. The food that Cindy makes is fantastic (seriously . . . so stinkin' good), and just the time spent enjoying friends and not having to plan or prepare a meal for anything is the absolutely the nicest gift.


My husband was sweet enough to send me an update of how they did over the weekend on their own (I was so impressed!) We did budget for some meals out, so here's how things added up for them:

  • 3 meals out $51.08 (used a $15 gift card at one restaurant)
  • Grocery $17.71


Their total for the weekend was $68, which wasn't too bad considering we'd only spent $20 for the rest of the week. (And, he handled three kids and a puppy all by himself ~ that alone was worth more than a few pennies!) Since we started the challenge last Sunday our total spending is $88 which included restaurants and all of our groceries. Not too bad all things considered!



This morning I dumped my kids all time favorite meal in Mrs. Potts, and was thrilled to find this cream of chicken soup substitute when I looked in our pantry and saw we were down to just one can of cream of chicken soup. The kids said the chicken and dumplings were the best one I've ever made, so next time I'll substitute both cans out. Not only will it be less expensive to make, it'll be a (little) healthier too. 🙂


Are you joining us in our no spend challenge? Check out these posts to learn more if you're interested, and I'd love to hear how you're doing too!


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