No Spend Challenge Day 3: $0 Spent Today

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The weather here in Ohio was just plain old nasty out, so I'm so glad we didn't have to head out for anything today! 


Reagan and I started out the morning making Homemade Maracroni Grill Rosemary bread,

and brining a pork roast that had been in our freezer since the fall.


While we were cooking she asked when we could fill her jar for missionaries, so we added $10 from the money we'd saved last night by drinking water (she was so excited!)

While the kids were at school our bread machine got the dough ready (see more on why I love that here), and as soon as Caroline got home she was ready to get the dough ready to bake. (I noticed this great deal on a similar bread machine to the one I've had for fifteen years – if you're considering purchasing one, this is a great price!)

Of course, my sweet Caroline being oh-so-sweet-Caroline, decided that we needed to go all out and bake up some brownies for dessert too.


Since we had a bunch of cake mixes in the pantry, Caroline found this recipe and they turned out so well! So, our total spent for the day was $0.  I'm guessing our dinner tonight cost around $8 including pork roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, salads, bread, and applesauce ~ not too shabby!


Interested in joining us in our No Spend Challenge? Here's how we're starting . . .

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