New Walmart Price-Matching Program

UPDATE: I tried this out last week, and sure enough got back $3.73 in my account (YAY!) If you haven't checked out the Walmart Savings Catcher yet, it's definitely worth trying out. It was so much easier than I expected, and a great way to set aside some extra savings!

Don't you just hate it when you get done with a shopping trip and realize you forgot to price-match an item or find a better price after you get home?  With Walmart's new Savings Catcher program, you can price-match from home even after you have shopped!  There are just a few simple steps to start saving:

  1. Enter the TC# or scan  your receipt over HERE. (You can also download the Walmart app.)
  2. You'll need to create a Walmart account if you don't have one already.
  3. Within 7 days you'll receive an update on whether or not your prices were the lowest compared to your local competitor ads. If they weren't,  you'll receive a Walmart gift card for the price of the difference.
  4. You can add up to 7 receipts each week.


I just ran to Walmart this morning to finish up back-to-school shopping, then loaded the receipts to my account and it was so simple to do! I haven't heard back yet if any of the items were cheaper anywhere else, but I'm curious to see how it works. I received a few emails from readers when they were doing the testing program of this in their area and they seemed pretty pleased with it, so I'm hoping it will work  for you!

Learn more about this program here, and if you've had any experience with it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Thanks, Nicki, Leia and Cindy for sharing!  See more penny pinched deals at Walmart this week.

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  1. Diana Fulkerson says

    Do you know if the Walmart Savings Catcher program recognizes the Publix BOGO pricing?

  2. Jennifer B. says

    If you go to their webpage and click on FAQ, you will see the information.

    I am fairly certain this new note* for “in Florida” is specifically in response to Publix there. I know there are other areas with Publix, but this wouldn’t apply except in Florida.

    *IN FLORIDA: Savings Catcher will match Buy one get one free (BOGO) deals where no item price is listed at the Save Up to price (example: Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $2.50.” will be compared as follows: Walmart Price $3.00, Competitor BOGO Save up to $2.50, you would get back $0.50”

    Other than in Florida, here’s what they have to say about BOGO:

    What types of promotions does Savings Catcher not include?

    Savings Catcher does not compare the following types of offers:

    Buy one get one free (BOGO) deals where no item price is listed (example: Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $2.50.”)

    • Thanks so much Jennifer for finding that information – I didn’t have time to look for that yet and that helps so much! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  3. I have used the savings catcher for quite a while. They use to be much better than they are now. They don’t match drug stores like CVS and Walgreens anymore. I do still use it and do still get some back but sometimes, well most times, it’s .50 or less.

    • I hate that they’ve changed it Lindsey – if you shop there regularly it’s definitely worth using, but won’t save as much as it once did!

  4. I use Walmart savings catcher and it has been great for us. Also, if you use coupons and the item is cheaper at another store, they still give you the discount.

  5. I’ve been using savings catcher for a few years now. This December my Walmart account was hacked, they changed my email address and had my rewards sent to them and they were used immediately. I’m still working on getting them back, but savings catcher division is only open 7-5 eastern time and I’m on pacific time hmph!

  6. Christine Armstrong says

    Hi , I’m in the Springfield/Nixa MO area and was wondering if you could add some of our local stores to your system? We have Harter House, Price Cutters and HyVee.
    Thank you so much for all the ground work you do. I’m still trying to figure it all out but I really appreciate it.

  7. After spending a good hour and a half going thru the flyers on the Flipp app (selecting the best deals for the same products) – all so I can price match once I check out at Walmart. Only to find out, as of July 17, 2017 my store (Chicago suburb) stopped price matching – grrrr!!!!!
    I scanned my receipt into the Walmart app – now waiting to learn if my research will be recognized!!!

  8. My Walmart App says that their Savings Catcher program will be discontinued on May 14th (2019).

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