New Starbucks Rewards Program Launches Today!

Heads up if you're a Starbucks Rewards member! On April 16th, Starbucks is launching their new rewards program where you'll earn 2 stars for every $1 you spend, but you can now redeem your points at different levels for different items. Here's what you can redeem your Stars for now:

  • 25 Stars – Free shot, flavor, or soy milk added to your drink (up to $1 off)
  • 50 Stars – Free hot brewed coffee, hot tea, or bakery item (any size)
  • 150 Stars – Free handcrafted beverage, parfait or breakfast item
  • 200 Stars – Free lunch sandwich, salad or protein box
  • 400 Stars – Free packaged coffee or single merchandise item (up to $20)

You'll still get free coffee and tea refills and birthday freebies! (If you were Gold level before the change, you Star balance should carry over).

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.24.38 AM

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  1. Not sure about it either. Doesn’t look like we come out ahead. Free drinks are now 25 more points than the 125 they were before and sandwiches which were free for the 125 points are now 200.

  2. Yes, the lattes, etc increased by 20% in term of reward points cost, and breakfast/lunch items are 60% more reward points. Given that their lunch items such as wraps, etc are usually on their sell-by date, Starbucks’ “exciting news” is a bad deal for loyalty-point members.

    Once my points run out, I’ll be deleting the app. We usually end up spending more using the app, or completing promotional “challenges” but overpriced milkshakes and so-so coffee plus a diminished loyalty program are a poor value. No point accruing points that aren’t worth much, or giving Starbucks access to data via the app.

    This has been ongoing. The reward program used to be 10% off. Tgen tgey switched to postcards for every 10 purchases, then to the earlier star system. This isn’t the first cost increase. This company has used up and wasted a lot of goodwill.

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