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My Favorite Recipes


What’s for Dinner? Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice


What’s for Dinner? Yummy, Cheap & Easy Baked Ziti!


What's For Dinner? Harvest Time Grilled Chicken Salad


What's for Dinner? Pork Chop & Feta Cheese Skillet


Southern Living Chunky Apple Cake


What's for Dinner - Crispy Yogurt Chicken


What's for Dinner? Homemade Pizza Night


Easy (Really Easy!) Homemade Pizza Dough


Homemade Apple Dumplin' Muffins


What's For Dinner? Mini Meatball Sandwiches

king ranch chicken 001

What's For Dinner? Southern Living's King Ranch Chicken

pumpkin bread 002

Eat It Before It's Gone Pumpkin Bread

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What's for Dinner? Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken Al Fresco Sausage

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How to Make Sour Cream Biscuits

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What's for Dinner? Easiest Tuna Bake EVER!

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What's for Dessert? Robbie's Perfect Peanut Butter Pie

crock pot potatoes 049

What's for Dinner? Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes (and Pork Chops too!)

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What's for Dinner? Chicken Enchilada Bake

sour cream banana muffins

Time for a Treat - Lighter Banana Muffins

sock it to you cake 001

Time for a Treat - Sock-It-To-You Cake

grilling 005

What's for Labor Day Dinner? Mushroom Smothered Burgers!

homecooking 004

Quick and Easy Mac & Cheesey (how's that for a title?)

homecooking 002

What's for Dinner? Zesty Chicken Stuffed Potatoes

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What's For Dinner? Buttered Chicken with Mashed Potatoes

Picture 011

Time For A Treat - Soft Buttery Pretzels


What's For Dinner - N'Awlins Barbecue Shrimp

fried apples 007

What's For Dinner? House Autry Pork Chops with "Fried" Apples

fried apples 011

Hurry Up And Eat! Peanut Butter Quesadillas

recipes 006

What's For Dinner? Easy Veggie Calzones

recipes 004

What's For Dinner - Rhondalynn's Chicken and Rice

recipes 002

Hurry Up and Eat - Piggy (Puppy?) Pancakes!

italian roast wrap

What's For Dinner - Italian Roast Wraps

miscellaneous 002

What's for Dinner - Broccoli Chicken Divan

miscellaneous 008

Hurry Up And Eat - Corn Dog Muffins

lemon shake up

Time for a Treat - Lemon Shake Up

recipes 001

Time for a Treat - Homemade Chocolatey Rice Krispy Treats

recipes 002

What's for Dinner? Stuffed Peppers

recipes 006

What's for Dinner? Super Simple Spareribs


Alice's Peach Ice Cream - YUMMMM!

Picture 008

What's for Dinner - Easy Baked Ravioli

deals 003

Hurry Up and Eat - Southwest Chicken Salad


What's for Dinner - Crunchy Onion Barbecue Chicken

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