Moving Update: (Mostly) Moved In


Folks, it has been quite a crazy first week of summer around our house. It’s hard to believe that just one week ago we were hauling in boxes, but we’re slowly making some headway and I have hopes that one of these days this place might feel like home. 😉


We’ve got to find a few more rugs and bigger rug for the breakfast nook (I’m hoping but am so thankful that at least that little corner of our home is tidied up from all of the crazy boxes.


And we finally (thank heavens!) had internet and cable installed yesterday. (I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was to keep up PPP using just a mobile hotspot ~ real internet is just the nicest gift!)


In the meantime, my kiddos have looked through every one of our old scrapbooks and built some awesome forts out of boxes 😉 


I even managed to make up a batch of our all-time favorite cookies this week, and chicken and dumplings are cooking up in Mr. Potts even as I type. (Have I mentioned lately I love her? Goodness, I sure do!)


This morning following the advice of some folks on Facebook we tried out Graeter’s Ice Cream after trying to find a local pool – the kids loved it of course!


We’ve been so blessed to have neighborhood kids that my kids are loving playing with, and a sweet family from the church we visited Sunday invited us over for dinner this week. (Even in Ohio they’ve got Southern hospitality, it just looks a little different way up here!) To be honest my heart is still just aching for home (goodness, moving is hard), so I’m just praying that in a few more weeks we’ll find a little more at peace here.


Thanks so much for your patience as things have been nuts here (to say the least), and be watching for some fun new home projects as we get settled in. (I had one all set for this week but my camera won’t upload to my laptop – so be watching next week once my regular computer is set up!)



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  1. Debbie Lashley Newton says:

    I love your new home! Thanks for sharing your moving adventures with us!

  2. Welcome to Ohio!!

  3. Alice Smith says:

    Oh Laurie. My heart aches for you all too. I know it's hard but you guys will eventually get settled and you will end up loving it just like you did with Madison. I can't get over how much your kids have grown. sniff! sniff! I love your new house too!

  4. You mentioned needing rugs, I don’t know if they have Ole Time Pottery up there but the one you left out at Madison AL has great rugs at great prices. I had looked for runners to go in front of our loveseat on the internet and the cheapest I could find was about $70 and they had some on sale for $6.99.

    • Thanks for the tips Melinda! I still have a few places that need rugs, so I need to see if we have an Old Time Pottery up here 🙂

  5. I know it must be tough. Enjoy your summer there. Is it humid like in Alabama? If your area has a habitat for humanity ReStore or General store, they have pretty incredible rugs.

    • I found some today at the Ballard Designs Outlet in Cincinnati – so excited Lydia! Yes, moving is hard ~ just ready to catch my breath I think 🙂

  6. has some fairly inexpensive rugs.

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