Mission Minded Deals: Publix Weekly Ad Starting 7/6/11 or 7/7/11


Here are the new deals in the new Publix ad starting this Wednesday or Thursday, and it looks like another great week of shopping at Publix!  I made one change in the format this week:  all the weekly deals are listed below, however you can find the current Advantage Buy Flier printable lists over HERE.


***I know these lists can sometimes get a little overwhelming, so I'm hoping this will help!  (Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to make it easy for you to see the whole list, and remember you can always see a running list of Publix deals and updates HERE.)



Here are a few things to remember before you shop:


  • Click “display all matchups to see the complete list of deals.
  • To add an item to your printable list just click the square next to the item, and you’ll see your list pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • The Buy One Get One prices are after the BOGO savings, so if you’re a Florida shopper remember you’ll need to purchase two items to get that price.
  • Publix doubles manufacturer coupons up to $.50 each day.  (Publix does not double any coupons in FL – sorry guys!)
  • Prices are regional and may vary by store.
  • Check out this updated list of $1 or less deals before you go.
  • As you're able, grab a bunch of these for your own family and a few to donate to your local food pantry, church or school!


*Denotes Top Price (and great donation deal!)


Publix Weekly Ad (Starting 7/6/11 or 7/7/11)




Click “display all matchups” to see the complete list of deals.  Don't forget to also check out all the additional deals in the Publix Yellow & Green Advantage Buy Fliers before you go.


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  1. Erin Lohse says

    What’s the zip code for the Luigi’s Italian ice? I can’t find it. TIA

    • It was there just a few days ago! Red Plum pulls them pretty quickly – I’d try 90210 or 33755, but it may be gone already 🙁

  2. Are there any ad/coupon matchups for Publix that incorporate the Huntsville Times? I see coupons listed that we did not get in the Huntsville Times. I’m sure we have coupons in the Huntsville Times that would match up to the sale items, but aren’t being listed because the sale list is being made out of our area. I just want to make sure I’m not wasting coupons because I didn’t know that I had them. Thanks!

    • Hi Shelley! If you see a coupon in the matchups that has an “R” at the end, that means it’s regional (and we probably didn’t get it here in Huntsville.) Unfortunately all the coupon databases are national, and don’t specifically go by city. Unfortunately, Huntsville (and other cities with smaller markets), don’t get all the coupons that bigger cities do – and really there aren’t any coupons that I know of that we’ve gotten here that aren’t included in other cities. If I know for sure that we didn’t get it I usually try to mark it as a regional coupon, but it’s hard to remember every one 🙂

      I also talked a little about it in last week’s video series – you can check it out over here – https://passionatepennypincher.com/?p=21100

      Hope that helps!

  3. I received a $1.50 off 8 Beech Nut baby food jars Publix Coupon in the quarterly Baby Club mailer. Maybe some others did too? If so, stack it with a mfr cpn for a great deal!

  4. On the Scotch Brite Sponge you said it was for the 1 count and when I printed the first printable coupon you gave it says $1 off one 3 pk. I just wanted to tell everyone so that when they get to the store they won’t be upset lol

  5. Hi. I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and i love it. It has helped to ease me into couponing. I have noticed something though that really upsets me. There is a fellow couponer out there who shops at my publix (winchester road, huntsville) that cleans out all the sales items so that when i go there there is nothing left. It might be one or two people but the result is the same. I just wish they would leave some items for the rest of us too 🙁

    But i absolutely love all the extra publix store coupons that i can combine with the manu. coupons. I just love saving so much everytime i go.
    Thank you for publishing all this!


    • Hi Jackie – I’m so glad you’re reading PPP! It is very frustrating when you get there and nothing is there, but I usually find that if I get a raincheck, I often end up with an even better deal. Many times I can save that deal (because of the rain check) until an even better coupon comes out! So, I know it’s frustrating, but be sure to grab those rainchecks! (And, in our area there are soooooo many couponers that I’m sure there are people ready to grab all the deals the minute they’re out.)

      Be sure to keep a specific pocket/envelope for your rain checks so that you won’t lose them – I know I used to be horrible about that so I really like having a designated spot. Thanks so much for sharing and please let me know if you have any questions!


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