Mission Minded Deals: Publix Weekly Ad Starting 6/29/11 or 6/30/11


Here are the new deals in the new Publix ad this Wednesday or Thursday, and there are loads of new deals coming out to celebrate the 4th of July!  Here are a few tips to get you started:



  • To add an item to your printable list just click the square next to the item, and you’ll see your list pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • The list will sort items in the order that you check them, so if you’d like them ordered a certain way just click on the boxes in that order.
  • The price listed is after the BOGO savings, so if you’re a Florida shopper remember you’ll need to purchase two items to get that price.
  • Publix doubles manufacturer coupons up to $.50 each day.  (Publix does not double any coupons in FL – sorry guys!)
  • Prices are regional and may vary by store.
  • Check out this updated list of $1 or less deals before you go.
  • As you're able, grab a bunch of these for your own family and a few to donate to your local food pantry, church or school!


*Denotes Top Price (and great donation deal!)


Publix Weekly Ad (Starting 6/22/11 or 6/23/11)



Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flier (ends 7/8/11)




Publix Green Advantage Buy Flier (Ends 6/24/11)



Click “display all matchups” to see the complete list of deals.


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  1. I just haven’t been super excited about the ads the past few weeks. Nothing on here is exciting me much except the gas card and I would have to buy $25 worth of stuff I don’t really need to get it. Guess I won’t be doing a lot of Publix shopping this ad. Laurie, I shopped at the Publix on 20 Saturday with a friend. Other than the layout of the store being way weird, they were great. There was not one single item on my list that was not on the shelf. If it is always that way, I definitely will be shopping more there instead of Decatur. The cashier told my friend that she had someone else from Decatur come through her line Saturday also. You mentioned a Huntsville book that had Food World coupons the other day. What book are you talking about? I don’t ever see Food World coupons. Thanks for your hard work and input!

    • Hi Mary! Several schools here in Huntsville sell them in the fall as a fundraiser, and they’re a great booklet for other coupons, but especially the Star Market & Food World coupons! The 20 store is great – except that they don’t take those Star Market coupons 🙂 But, they have great customer service and aren’t quite as overrun with couponers (the way County Line sometimes is!)

      I’m excited about this week’s deals – but I’m just about always excited about them! 🙂

  2. The Children’s donation sheet has $2.00/1 M&M coupon (if the large size is 30-42 ounces) and a $2/1 Cheez-it (19-21 ounces). Wasn’t sure of the size if these coupons will work or not.

  3. Apparently the A1 Steaksauce coupon was regional because I didn’t find it in my SS 6/05 insert from the Huntsville Times 🙁 I was looking forward to scoring cheap A1… oh well. I may still grab one bottle with the Target coupon.

    • Ughhhhhhh . . . I haven’t actually looked for mine yet (I think I have an insert from another city for that week, because I’m pretty sure I have at least one). I’m so sorry Rebekah, but thanks so much for letting me know (and saving other folks from searching for it!)

  4. Jennifer G. says

    I’ve been meaning to thank for the way you do the ad! It’s simple, easy to read, easy to understand! Your site is my preferred method for getting the Publix deals!! Thank you!!

    • You just made my day Jennifer! My friend Shannon & I work really hard to make it as clear as possible, but there are so may great sites that do it so well 🙂 Thanks for letting me know (really – it makes such a difference to hear it – sometimes I wonder if people use the ads or not!)

  5. Just wondering how/where/when you get the green and yellow flyers. I’m not regular Publix shopper and just started couponing. Thanks for all you do to make it easier for people like me.
    I’ve also heard that the day the sale ad starts is superbusy and sometimes the store runs out of the items in the ad. Do you know if there is a day in the week when they restock that would be good to go? I don’t want to fight people for deals nor waste my time going up there if they won’t have what I’m looking for…


    • Hi Brandi! You can find the fliers in the front of your store – usually in a round kiosk. As far as the best day to go – they’re always stocked on the first day of your sales ad (depending on your area – Wednesday here in AL but Thursday in most other states). Also, I’ve found that ours is pretty good to re-stock, so as long as I don’t shop Sunday most of the items are there. And remember, they always allow rainchecks which really help! Lately I just shop when it’s most convenient for me, and then grab any rain checks for items that they’ve missed.

      Hope that helps, and feel free to ask if you have any other questions! 🙂

      • I went this morning and found everything I was looking for-yay! I live in Madison and shopped today at the store on 72. Will I find the fliers in the buggy area (between the two sets of glass doors entering or exiting)? Btw, I had a great experience! The cashier was very friendly and helpful even though they were super busy. I don’t shop Publix regularly, but I will in the future! Thanks for all you do!

        • So glad you had a good experience Brandi! I probably would ask at the customer service desk at your store – they do sometimes have them in the buggy area :), but not often as people are taking them.

          I love Publix! (Heading out now for my deals too!)


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