Mission Minded Deals: Publix Weekly Ad Starting 6/15/11 or 6/16/11

There are tons of great deals coming up in the new ad at Publix!  Here are a few things to remember before you go:

  • Click “display all matchups” to see all the deals under the Publix ad, as well as each of the Advantage Buy Fliers.
  • To add an item to your printable list just click the square next to the item, and you’ll see your list pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • The list will sort items in the order that you check them, so if you’d like them ordered a certain way just click on the boxes in that order.
  • The price listed is after the BOGO savings, so if you’re a Florida shopper remember you’ll need to purchase two items to get that price.
  • Publix doubles manufacturer coupons up to $.50 each day.  (Publix does not double any coupons in FL – sorry guys!)
  • Prices are regional and may vary by store.
  • Check out this updated list of $1 or less deals before you go.
  • As you're able, grab a bunch of these for your own family and a few to donate to your local food pantry, church or school!


*Denotes Top Price (and great donation deal!)


Publix Weekly Sale Ad (Starts 6/15/11 or 6/16/11)




Publix Green Advantage Buy Flier (Ends 6/24/11)




Publix Yellow Advantage Buy Flier (Ends 6/17/11)




Thanks to the Publix thread at Slickdeals for the typed preview of the ad.

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  1. Was it just a misprint above when it says the deals start 6/8 or 6/9, instead of 6/15 or 6/16?

  2. I was told at the Countyline Publix that they would no longer accept the Target brand coupon as a substitute for Publix brand. Have you tried it since they changed their competitor policy? I’d love to be wrong.

    • Hi Cheryl! My friend Shannon and I debated that question today, and we decided that it was best to include them in the matchups just in case anyone’s Publix would still accept them. I hadn’t tried to use them yet a County Line, so I wasn’t absolutely positive (and I’d hate for someone to miss a deal because it wasn’t included!) I’ll go ask on FB and see if anyone else has heard anything, but I’m betting you’re right – that they’ll no longer accept them 🙁

  3. did anyone get the tombstone Q to print? The Nestle website did a really weird thing and only wanted to print the coupon with a strange name I’ve never heard as username and when I logged on and looked for the Q it made me log off and try to log back on as this person (of course I couldn’t b/c no password for this random person.) Oh, and I tried it on 2 different computers and it did the same thing.

    • Hi Heather! The Nestle coupons are always difficult for me – but you’re right that one’s wierd! I’m going to email my friend Shannon (she’s the one who found it!) and see if she has any ideas, because that’s a great coupon on that! I’ll let you know!


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