Milk As Low As $1.99 at Walmart (And How Much Is Milk In Your Hometown?)


If you’re an Ibotta user, be sure to use your Ibotta app to get $.50 off your next gallon of milk at Walmart. This should make it as low as $1.99 at your store after Ibotta rebate!

Buy 1 gallon milk at Walmart (estimated price $2.49, will vary by area)


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And, just out of curiosity, how much are you paying right now for milk in your hometown?  I paid $2.69 per gallon this week at our local Sam’s Club ~ would love to know how much you’re paying for milk right now.


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  1. At Aldi in SW Ohio, it’s 1.89-1.99. At Kroger and Meijer, about a dollar more. Worth the trip to Aldi!

    • Such a good price Jaime ~ love that! I’ve found it here at Aldi for as little as $1.99 as well and always stock up, but I think $2.29 is normal at our store. Thanks for sharing!

  2. At our closest Walmart store we paid $4.51! for a gallon of Skim Milk – Prairie Farms. INSANE!

  3. Cindy Charles Kennel says:

    $2.79 at Wahlgreens in Delaware this week

  4. Great value skim milk gallon size at my local walmart was $4.58 & Turner name brand was $4.85 this past Monday! I think whole milk was about 50 cents higher. I’m in Arkansas, and there is some kind of bill that is in the works right now and our state government said milk could get even higher!

  5. Aunt Amanda says:

    Parsons Kansas 4.02 for highland milk at the grocery store. $3.99 is the other brand. Save A Lot which is like Aldi's if your not familure is $3.79 for the brand they sell.

  6. In Northern Utah, our regular price at Sam’s Club is $1.94. Can’t believe it what a good price it is. Good thing since my family goes through about 7-9 gallons within about a week! (I guess we could have worse habits. . . .)

  7. Laura Troyer says:

    Pennsylvania is $4.00 for 2%..I drive across the stateline to Ohio and pay half the price..1.99 at Aldi in Ohio

  8. Thanks for sharing – I can’t believe the prices are so different in other areas of the country!

  9. Jennifer Bouknight says:

    $3.99 at the beach in SC.

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