Just For Fun: What’s For Dinner Tonight At Your House? (& $5 Target Gift Card Giveaway!)

UPDATE:  Congratulations to Chelsea at jo…..sea@gmail.com for winning the $5 Target Gift Card Giveaway!  Here was her comment . . .

We are having dinner with my parents tonight, so dinner is a surprise for me! But I’m bringing dessert. Chocolate chip cookie bars. Yum!

I think you should name her Gretchen. Or Gretel. Or Ginger. Guess she looks like she needs a ‘G’ name, lol. :)


I love the Gretchen & Gretel names, but I think I've got to go with Asia's name, Mrs. Potts.  (So maybe she'll be Mrs. Gretchen Potts?)  Thanks for all your fun responses – you guys had me giggling as I read through your names, and I love reading what everyone's having for dinner!




As I was sitting here trying to hunt down a few more deals for the day, I realized that I had to stick stuff my dinner in the slow cooker! (I almost forgot . . . whew!) Just for fun, I'd love to hear what you're having for dinner tonight too. (And, I really want to come up with a name for my bestest buddy the slow cooker . . . I'm thinking Little Susie might be cute?)


So, leave a comment and share what you're having for dinner, and I'd also love a few ideas on what to name her (she's obviously female, because she cooks, right?) 😉  I'll pick one person who comments to win a $5 Target gift card tonight at 9:00 PM.


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  1. Lori Davidson says

    We are giong to church so I’m having a salad and my child is having a pb sandwich. 🙂

  2. Dinner tonight is BBQ chicken and cole slaw sandwiches on toasted buns with corn on the cob. One of our favorites. Had some leftover slaw and this is a great way to use it up. Thanks for the great site and helpful ideas and bargains!

  3. We are having roasted chicken with carrots and onions and wild rice.

  4. We are having Shrimp and Grits tonight! 🙂 Super Easy and costs about $2 a serving!!!!

  5. chili dogs with potatoes and homemade baked beans for less than $3!!! YUM-O

  6. We’re having Mexican rice with corn (and another veggie TBA) on the side. I cook two packages of the Knorr Mexican Rice and add a cooked pound of ground sausage to it. I top it with shredded cheese (some like salsa and sour cream) and serve. It’s inexpensive and a quick meal for church night! As for a name – Cookie! (When I was in Kindergarten, my boyfriend’s mother’s name was Cookie. I always expected that she cooked chocolate chip cookies every day! LOL)

  7. Haha my slow cookers name is Big Easy! Cooks big meals for my family and makes my days a lot easier! Tongiht we are haveing sausage peppers and onions! Sweet Italian sausage, gravy(sauce), a few cloves of garlic, orango and basil leaves and let it cook for 6-8 hours! Amazing taste and my little ones love it! Corn on the cob to end out the summer along with fresh sliced tomatoes, and cut red skins wedges and roasted in the oven with olive oil salt pepper and a little rosemary!

  8. We are having spaghetti and salad!

  9. Jettie Godwin says

    Making potatoe soup. Bought the Broth and some other things last week when it was on sale and now just need to make it.

  10. Tacos!!!!!

  11. Tacos 🙂

  12. As for the name I like Daisy!

  13. Colleen B. says

    We are having leftover White turkey chili.

    My name choice, would have to be Pandora. It means Gifted one in Greek…. And let’s face it. Those Crockpots are gifted.

  14. Mmmm lobster tails complaints of my husbands fishing friend 😉 with some sorta side but who crea what the sides are when it’s lobster;)

  15. We are having steak, rice and veggies.

  16. We’re having sloppy joes, french fries, and pinto beans!!!!

  17. Yup, PBJs in the van on the way to church! Hmm, names? Penny? 🙂

  18. Turkey, apple and cheese quesadillas.

  19. We are having Taco Salad! (with fresh garden tomatoes)… YUMMY

  20. I am shopping Klassy Kids tonight, so the hubby and baby are on their own! Probably frozen pizza, if I had to guess though.

  21. We are having ribs (which I found at Publix today on clearance!), baked potatoes, and a veggie 🙂

    As a name… My Precious! 😀

  22. some sort of pasta with homemade sauce using tomatos from our garden.

  23. Quiche for us : )

  24. ChelseaNoel says

    We are having dinner with my parents tonight, so dinner is a surprise for me! But I’m bringing dessert. Chocolate chip cookie bars. Yum!

    I think you should name her Gretchen. Or Gretel. Or Ginger. Guess she looks like she needs a ‘G’ name, lol. 🙂

  25. We are having ranch chicken in the CP with green beans, au gratin potatoes, and cupcakes 🙂

  26. Chicken Caesar Salads. No cooking involved. Perfect on a hot, and I mean HOT, summer evening. 🙂

  27. Probably sandwiches b/c both boys have baseball tonight.

  28. Leftover crock-pot lasagna….yum! Hmm a nickname….how about Slow Bessie or The Easy P?

  29. I’m making angelhair with shrimp scampi tonight.

    As for the slow cooker, who says she has to be female? I’d like to hear about a man cooking for once! LOL! I would name the slow cooker Stewy, because my favorite thing to make in a crockpot is beef stew.

  30. salisbury steak w/ mashed potatoes. Name your crock pot Ms. Potts

  31. Brandi Waits says

    We area having homemade Pulled BBQ Chicken sandwiches & Roasted Rosemary & Garlic Potatoes! So yummy! I really need a crockpot! It would save me alot of time! 🙂 Good Luck w/ the names!

  32. Cooking chicken and cherries, rice and green beans for a friend who just had a baby, so we’ll probably have something from a drive-through on the way to church. : )

  33. Leftover chicken and pasta and a salad

  34. We had our big meal at lunch today (chicken fried steak, mash potatoes, and salad). So tonight it’s YO-YO…”You’re On Your Own”. Which means soup, mac and cheese, leftovers, and whatever else you can find! 🙂

    CP name…Big Bertha! 🙂

  35. I have no idea whats for dinner! That’s why I was checking your site!! HOw about granny for a name. Always cooks, good, solid meals!

  36. Lauren Dieckmann says

    Leftovers! We have brisket left over from last night so we’ll have that with some sweet potato fries and a big salad…can’t wait!

    As for your slow cooker, I think you should name her Ethel. Don’t ask me why…it just came to me. 😉

  37. We’re having leftover country style pork ribs, and I’m going to make roasted cherry tomatoes over rice to go with it.

    And I think Asia hit a winner with Mrs. Potts. (Now I have to go watch Beauty and the Beast… :P)

  38. I am trying out a new crockpot recipe tonight. It’s called Bacon Ranch Pasta Chicken. Actually….I better go put it in the crock right now! I like the previous commenters idea for Mrs. Potts, it is a cute name.

  39. Charlene Kloss says

    Roasted Chicken, Mashed pototoes and Veggie. Unless I change my mind! 😉

  40. We’re having breakfast ~ bacon, eggs and English muffins 🙂 How about Cookin’ Carlie for your crockpot? 🙂

  41. We are having smoked sausage, corn on the cob and fries! It is quick and easy and we have a busy night!

  42. We are cooking in the slow cooker tonight too! I won’t be home tonight and I hate to make the hubby cook after working all day. We are having beef tips from the slow cooker with mashed potatoes. Not very creative, but its a change of pace! The only name that popped into my head was Betty Crock-her. :-p

  43. We’re having chicken spaghetti, homemade french bread, and salad. Delicious, easy, and super cheap!

  44. It’s Taco night at our house!

  45. We are having chicken and dressing casserole, green beans, and rolls.

  46. Baked ziti with Lima beans and squash… Cricket the crockpot

  47. We are having chicken quesedillas 🙂

  48. I’m having breakfast tonight. I love eggs, toast, and sausage but never have enough time to cook in the mornings!

  49. Baked spaghetti in vodka sauce.
    Betty Crockpot.

  50. It is just me tonight so – Frozen pizza . For a crock pot name I was going to suggest Penny but I read a post suggesting Ms. Potts and I just think that is so cute.

  51. factord_agin says

    Sausage spaghetti (I use ground sausage instead of hamburger meat to mix things up) with garlic toasts. The noodles were free, the sausage on sale and the almost free French bread loaf will be sliced and spiced to change its allegiance to Italy. I let the sauce simmer for a good 3-4 hours and dice up the veggies to fool the kids into eating it.

  52. I dont know what you call them….chicken packets I think. It is chicken, BBQ sauce, potato’s, onions, green peppers and more BBQ sauce wrapped up in aluminum foil and baked. The family really likes it, including the kids.

    As for a crockpot name:……I like Junior. ha!

  53. We are having homemade beef enchilidas.

  54. We are trying your slower cooker roast recipe from last week and so far it smells awesome!!

  55. We are having Kraft Velvetta Cheeseburger Skillet dinner!!! Yummy

  56. Jennifer G. says

    We’re having Easy Burritos: tortillas with rice, black beans, refried beans, wholly guac, and cheese. With a side of beans and rice.

    PS. We made your slow cooker roast the other night, followed with French dips the next night. YUM YUM! I literately ate the au jus like it was soup!

    Slow Cooker name idea: Alice (as in Alice from the Brady Bunch…you know, like the slow cooker is like having a maid/helper/chef) ??? Is that too far of a stretch??

  57. We had Breakfast for dinner…I always have breakfast food on hand but never get around to cooking it in the morning.

  58. Kitty Groebli says

    Tuna Helper for 9 people tonight.
    Name suggestions: Jeeves (male maid), Rachel (Rachel Ray), Ramsay (Gordon Ramsay), Colette (from Ratatouille), Rosie (from the Jetsons), Julia (Julia Childs), Martha (Martha Stewart), Isabella (Penelope Cruz character in Woman on Top), Beaker (from Muppets), Leona (Mystic Pizza), Idgie (Fried Green Tomatoes), Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones character in No Reservations), Mama Joe (from Soul Food), and my FAVORITE….The Rock (“Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?!?).
    Good luck picking a name. Let us know what you choose!!

  59. Unfortunately, after a few great weeks of homecooked (and cheap) meals, we had Dairy Queen chicken tenders on the road between karate and football practice. We got DQ coupons in the mail today, so I didn’t feel too bad about it.

  60. we had leftover pizza!

  61. We had garlicky baked shrimp, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and sliced peaches. Yum!

  62. we had french toast and eggs for dinner. Chicken didn’t thaw in time and didn’t want to spend $ eating out. Kids loved it though.

  63. I made tacos. 🙂

  64. Salad, baked sweet potatoe , and grilled steak ..all cooked my by wonderful hubby, because I worked 12 hrs today and he was off !!!

  65. Leftover b-que chicken and grilled potatoes. Frozen custard for dessert:)

  66. We had chicken cordon blue..and the kids had chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and fruit snacks..lol
    I call my slow cooker “baby gurl”….you could call yours “sweet sarah”, “reliable rosie’ or “makeit michelle”

  67. I’m not sure what time zone for the prize, but I’ll share either way. Pot roast in the crock pot, and it was delicious : )

  68. Spaghetti with homemade sauce from the garden!

  69. Faith Conaway says

    We used a coupon to eat the family dinner at Burger King for $10. Not bad for our family of 5! Thanks for doing the giveaway! You could call her Slow Sally!

  70. Christina F says

    we had grilled sausages, potatoes and fresh tomatoes from the garden.

  71. We had corn, sweet peas & chicken from publix! What about black beauty?

  72. Felicia Fowler says

    We put dinner back in the fridge tonight and ate at Krystals in Decatur, Al! Two of the employees were murdered there last week so for today only 100% of the profits went to the families! So it was a great way to give back!

  73. I had firehouse subs.. Took the day off from cooking. Well worth it.

  74. I made fried ravioli’s. Icall my lil slow cooker “helpin hot hannah”

  75. I made fried ravioli’s. Icall my lil slow cooker “helpin hot hannah”

  76. Pauline Moore says

    Good ole spaghetti and garlic bread.

  77. lovescoupons says

    Tonight was an easy night for us due to me not feeling too well. We had tuna casserole, and my hubby had grilled chicken wraps (he doesn’t eat tuna). Want to try your roast in the slow cooker, probably next week.
    As far as a name, Slow Susie?

  78. I made my first Greek salad tonight. Served it with leftover pizza.

  79. We had breakfast for dinner tonight–pancakes with strawberries! How about calling your slow cooker Slow Sally?

  80. ChelseaNoel says

    Mrs. Gretchen Potts is an awesome name! 🙂 Thanks again, I’m so excited!

  81. ChelseaNoel says

    And dinner turned out to be bacon and cheddar omelets, fried potatoes and toast. My dad makes the best breakfast for dinner!

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