Oh my stars, folks ~ my 11 year old and I just had the best day trip to Cincinnati to decorate her room! Because my youngest’s room was pretty sparse in our old home, Caroline handed down her furniture to Reagan so we needed a new bed and were hoping to find a desk too.


Goodness, gracious ~ we hit the jackpot. 


I couldn’t believe the prices (I’ve shopped there before but more just window shopping ~ not actual purchasing), but today we grabbed everything we needed because we didn’t want to make another trip. I’ll share pictures of her bedroom once we get it all set up, but thought you all might enjoy a peek of a few of the things we noticed while we were there . .  .


Cute stacking tables just $9.99


A little more traditional table for $79


These stool/tables for just $5.99 ($5.99 ~ did you hear that???)


A decent desk for $79 (we actually bought this one for me to use until we can set up an office in our new home – then we’ll pass it on to my 14-year old ~ they had very basic desks for as little as $29)


This cute bed which is what we bought Caroline (it wasn’t my favorite ~ at all ~ but she was in love. The loft bed was just $129 and the desk was $99 underneath ~ she’s so excited about it! While I know at this price that this furniture won’t last forever, it’s pretty sturdy with it and we were pleased with it for the price.)


They also had long curtain panels priced $29 – $49, for the set.


Lots of items under $5 . . .

 Great prices on toddler/preschool furniture for little ones ~ $15-$40,


And $.99 picture frames.


Here we are with our two full carts (yikes!)


But the thing I thought was a hoot was the line of backed up cars just waiting to load up. 😉


Before heading home we stopped by the Frontgate, Ballard Design and Grandin Road Outlets (which were my favorites ~ I’ll show pictures of what I found there over the next few weeks but I could have stayed there all day . . . )


And finally ended up back home in time for dinner.


Hope you did something fun today, and enjoy a blessed Sunday!


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  1. Christel Kline says:

    I was at the same ikea today also! I picked up a set of sheets, a poster and a frame, and a set of 6 drinking glasses for $58. love ikea!!

  2. Kaye Grayson says:

    I purchased the same desk 6 months ago. I am loving it.

  3. Ikea is a great way to warm anyone up to Ohio!

  4. LaDonna Lucky says:

    I wish we had an IKEA close to use. We live near Fort Payne, Al.. Chattanooga, Ten. is about 45 minutes from here. Wonder if they have a location?

  5. Day trip to Cincy? More like day trip to West Chester!!! We’re biased though since we live here! 😉 Glad you’re loving Ohio though – super excited to have you here! Don’t forget to check out Kings Island in Mason and Cedar Point in Sandusky – you’re not far from two great amusement parks! 🙂

    • You’re right Erin – we didn’t even leave Columbus until almost 10, so we were racing and hardly even got started ~ definitely need to go back and see more! We visited Cedar Point 2 summers ago but have never gotten to Kings Island with our kids ~ hoping to get there soon. 🙂

  6. Andrea McMonagle says:

    I have that desk in white . Most of our furnishings are from there.

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