How To Use Passionate Penny Pincher: And What Suggestions Do You Have?



You may have noticed a few changes made this weekend to Passionate Penny Pincher, and I wanted to share a few of the new features with you! A HUGE thanks to my friend Jennifer at Rocket City Mom who did a wonderful job with the upgrades, and was just wonderful to work with in general. (Anyone who’ll have a business meeting while our kiddos jump around Chic-Fil-A is a blessing to this mommy-money-saving-blogger!)


If there are any suggestions that you have on how to improve PPP I’d love to hear them, and I’ll do my best to add them in. Thanks so much for reading Passionate Penny Pincher.  (You really do make my job so fun!)


By the way, I did this video way too late at night and with the start of a cold, so my voice is pretty pitiful, but you’ll get the idea! If you can’t see the video, go HERE.


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  1. First off, I LOVE PPP! I think the update looks terrific, too. My only suggestion is to possibly add the ability to delete certain coupons from the shopping lists we print. I try to be frugal with my ink and paper, too! Thanks, Laurie- you are lovely!

    • Thanks Crystal! That’s one of my frustrations too, and I need to look closer at the program to see if I can find a way to make the list more user friendly. I’ll work on it . . . and thanks so much for your encouragement!!! 🙂

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