How To Remove Stains From Glass Bakeware

How to Remove Stains From Glass Bakeware

Okie dokie folks . . . remember when I shared my dilemma of my pitiful glass bakeware that’s been taken over by cooking spray? Well I figured out something that worked, and I’m tickled with the results (and how easy it was!) Here’s what I did:

  1. Sprayed oven cleaner all over the cookware.
  2. Let it sit for an hour.
  3. Scrubbed it off (it came off pretty easily with a dry cloth, but it went even smoother when I used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on it)
  4. Washed it in hot water and Dawn dish soap (well), then again in the dishwasher to make sure all the oven cleaner was removed.

The smartest idea that came through all this? Jennifer shared a tip to buy an Aluminum Oil Sprayer which you can fill with olive oil instead of using cooking spray, and I thought that was brilliant. I found this one for $9.99 and am thrilled to have that as an alternative so I won’t make a mess on any more dishes! (You can also use butter instead of cooking spray to grease your pans, but that’s hard to do for certain recipes like muffins.)
There you have it! Lots of people suggested vinegar, baking soda and brillo pads for cleaning, and I did try that first but they didn’t even make a dent in the mess I had on my bakeware. If you’ve got any other suggestions I’d love to hear them though too!
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  1. You could use the butter spray….

  2. Scarlett Wilkins Thompson says:

    Dr. Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap. It is all natural and has so many uses! I tried it once to see if it would get that baked on grease and goo out of glass and stainless steel pots and pans and it's amazing how well it works with very little elbow grease. I just put some in the bottom of the pan and add some hot water and can usually just clean immediately.

  3. Amy Patrick says:

    Spray your pan with oven cleaner, place the pan into a black trash bag and tie it closed tightly. Place it outside in the hot sun for several hours. When ready, wash it immediately. Usually washes clean and very easily.

  4. Susan Bryan Willingham says:

    I put vinegar in my pots and pans. 🙂 It works great, too.

  5. Cecile Lowrey says:

    I use the SOS type pads I get at the dollar store and it comes off pretty easily, some of the tougher stuff may need a shot of Dawn too.

  6. ruth james says:

    I have used oven sprays on the pans, but I use the “cold oven” formula and it comes clean with heat, a bag or the sun after a short time. I try to do difficult ones after supper and clean them in the morning!

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