How to Print Your Ultimate Home Checklist (Even Without A Printer!)

How to Print Your Ultimate Home Checklist (Even With NO Printer)

Hello homemakers!!!  If you're here – that means you just snagged the Ultimate Home Checklist PDF and you're ready for ACTION!

But first, you need to print out all 78 glorious, organized, checklisty pages 🙂  If you have a printer, it's easy peasy.  Just print out your pages, stick them in a binder, add some pretty stickers or tabs to fluff it up – and you're ready to roll!


If you don't have a printer – there are a few options available that we recommend to order:

Office Depot/Office Max:

1 . Head over to the Office Depot Printing Center

2 . Click to upload your file, and locate the PDF file on your device (Most likely it will be in your downloads folder!)   Once you've chosen the PDF file, click the UPLOAD button to begin.


3 . Adjust the settings to make it as cheap as possible!  (See the image above)  You'll want to pick Black & White, Single-Sided, Landscape, and Collated.  If you want it to be ready to load into your binder at home – you can click the Finishing tab and choose 3-Hole punch for an extra $3.99.

4 . Add to cart and choose store pickup if possible – your price should be only $7.02 + Tax!

TIP: Keep an eye out for a popup while you're on the Office Depot site offering a 20% OFF code for new email subscribers.  That will drop your price to as low as $5.62 🙂  The popup looks like this:


If you decide to treat yourself to color copies that are spiral bound – you can get 30% OFF your order with code 56785486, dropping the price to about $23 🙂


1 . Head over to Staples Copy/Print Center

2 . At the top left corner of the box, click ADD FILES.  Next click Upload Files and find the Ultimate Home Checklist PDF on your device  (Will most likely be located in your downloads folder)  After it shows that the upload has completed, click DONE.

3 . Choose the settings to keep the price down, as in the screenshot above.  Black & White, Single-Sided, Landscape, Collated.

4 . Choose FREE Store Pickup to avoid shipping costs.  Total cost should be $10.92 + Tax.


Trouble Shooting:

It's possible you'll be asked for a photo release – since this is a copyrighted work.  We are working on that!  In the meantime, we recommend showing the cashier your email receipt proving you purchased this planner 🙂

As a last resort – you can go to your local library to print out this pdf as well.  My library charges 10¢ per sheet.



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  1. I haven’t bought the PDF yet, but thank you for posting how to print it. My husband and I have been discussing the cost of ink, etc of printing large document at home. I didn’t know that I could send them to Office Depot, etc. I will have to keep that in mind.

  2. Michelle Roberts says

    I purchased the PDF but it is way too expensive to print in color. 🙁 I really want the color print. Is there any chance the printed version will be available again?

    • Hi Michelle! Sadly we don’t have plans to print more books this year, but maybe you can use some fun color pens to check things off on the black & white version to add a splash of color! 🙂

    • If you have a color printer, have you tried printing in color on “draft” option, if you have it? It would print in color but a lighter version.

  3. Angela Farmer says

    I’ve been trying to see if Staples offers binding, but can’t seem to dind any info. We’re you only able to print there?

  4. Carolyn Staggs says

    Thanks will try that have you got any thing else coming up thank you for sharing your time with me

  5. Priscilla Adkins says

    what is the coupon code to make it 12.95?

  6. Does this come with the ability to edit to our own needs? I LOVE this idea, I just have quite a different list of monthly bills and different daily tasks that need to get done. I would love the same exact format!

    • Hi Tanya! We’re working on that now and should have it ready soon – we’ll send it out to anyone who orders as a bonus!

    • I just bought it, better late than never, lol. I have a subscription for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC cause I edit & create pdfs. It has the option to edit, organize, create & more. I was immediately able to do so with this pdf!

  7. Anita Caccamisi says

    Hi Laurie! I agree with Tanya, I would also like the ability to edit also. I was about to order the PDF; should I wait to print it out as you stated it is being worked on and would be sent out? Also, I didn’t see the option to have it spiral bound with the 30% discount on the Office Max/Depot site. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Anita! We should have it updated very soon! 🙂 And hmm – the 30% off code may have expired, but you can try the code 85902307 for a possible 25% off!

    • Lisa & Samuel McAlhany says

      Hi Laurie when I ordered it said I would get a separate PDF that would be editable, but it did not come. Can you tell me when it will be available, that was the only reason I ordered was because I thought I could make changes to fit my life. Thanks so much

  8. Awesome! Thank you! I’m ordering mine today!

  9. If I order this 2019 Home Checklist can I edit the pdf and use the master for future years too?

    • Hi Tanya! The PDF is set up just for this year – but it does come up with one editable page that you can put your own dates in! Great question 🙂

  10. Does this download include the Ultimate Kids Chore list as well?

    And are the chores editable on the PDF?


  11. I have to admit this is when I am grateful that I have my Epson WF-4740 Series Color printer!! It has everything & more! I can’t say enough great things about it!

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