How To Clean Your iPhone or iPad (Duh!)


I’ve spent the last several months going nuts trying to figure out how to really clean my iPad and iPhone. My kids love to play with them (even though I really am supposed to use them for “work” . . .), and they get so grubby with little finger prints and gunkies ~ bleck!  I’ve tried using Windex and even special computer screen cleaners (which did not work), and finally did my research today to find all I needed was a good cloth rag. . . who knew?

Here’s how I cleaned it (feel free to laugh at my step-by-step instructions, but I hadn’t figured it out yet and maybe someone else out there is with me!)

  • Turn the iPhone or iPad completely off so that you can see what smudges are really there.
  • Usea soft cloth to rub away any fingerprints.
  • If it’s really bad and has any dried on gunk (like mine did. . . gross!), use a VERY small amount of water on your cloth and get rid of the gunk. Then just wipe clean with the dry part of your towel.
I thought I was going to need some kind of cleaner to get the gunkies off, but it turned out that plain old rag was all we needed.  If you have any other great cleaning tips, please leave a comment to share! 🙂


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  1. I love this! It made me chuckle but it is so true- I have the same grubby little fingerprints all over mine as well! I’ve been using baby wipes, which I know is bad but I couldn’t find anything else – so you’re not the only one! I will try this! Who would’ve thought?

    • I feel soooo much better knowing I’m not the only one Genny! 🙂 I was trying baby wipes too, but they made it feel funny, I knew there had to be something out there and really thought it had to be a fancy chemical, so I was shocked when this worked. Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one who hadn’t figured out the trick!

  2. I use a dab of hand sanitizer. It cleans it nicely and then evaporates!

  3. oops I forgot to say I put it on a clean cloth.

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