How Do You Keep Up With Laundry At Your Home?

As of this moment, I have the perfect laundry routine.   Seriously, it's perfect.  Well .  . . . as long as I totally keep up with it everyday!  Before the Christmas Crazies attacked our house I started handling laundry this way, and after they took over I lost control! 


This week I've gotten back on track and I am loving it.  (Are you begging to hear the plan now?  And no, I didn't hire a personal laundress, although that would make me very happy!)  Here's our fabulous laundry routine:


  1. Every night, as I'm getting the kids ready for bed, I throw one load of laundry into the washing machine.
  2. Before I go to bed, I move it to the dryer.
  3. The minute I wake up, I fluff it for a few minutes.
  4. Before we head out the door each morning (every single morning, this is key!), I fold it and place on the kids beds to put away after school.


The trick to this is you cannot get behind.  (Which is so difficult at our house!)  For our family one load of laundry every day seems to work, but I've tried tons of other methods!  (At one point I did laundry every single Tuesday all day long, but I hated that!) 


So what's your laundry routine?  Any tips on how to handle this overwhelming task that works for you?  And if you'd love to try your hand at homemade laundry detergent, learn how to over here.  (Unless you're like me and planning to grab Wisk for $1 at CVS this week!)


On a quick side note, a few people have commented they're missing our daily five minute challenges.  I was afraid I was boring you all (and you'd rather see the deals!) so I stopped them over the holidays.  If you liked them (or didn't like them!) would you mind taking a second to leave a comment and let me know?  I promise I don't care either way, I just wanted to get some feedback if you have a minute.  If you're a new PPP reader, you can see a few examples HERE, HERE, HERE or the crazy fifteen minute challenge HERE.  Thanks everyone!!!

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  1. Funny…I absolutely hate laundry! But when school started this week I got up and folded a load that was in the dryer and put it neatly on top. Then I continued to do one load a day all week. I have been so proud of myself this week. We are a family of six, so I know what you mean about getting behind!

  2. My routine is: There is no routine. I am horrible about keeping one. And then I stress about it. Ugh. Organization is not one of my god given talents. I am trying to get better, just hasn’t happened yet.

    I always enjoyed the 5 minute projects. Mine always take me more than 5 minutes or 20 minutes or an hour. So I never replied back to them as they rarely got finished.

  3. I’ve never done any of the challenges…but they look like a great way to get some things done that I might not normally think about doing!!! Would love it if you did them again!!!

  4. Each child has their own hamper and I wash their clothes separately, so I don’t spend time trying to figure out whose socks and panties these are since my kids are close in age and their things look very similar in size. This saves me “loads” of time because I know this entire load gets folded and goes to this person. I take the clothes straight from the dryer to that child’s room, fold them on their bed and I’m done. I like the idea of doing a load a day. Mine would just be a different person everyday, but that would be fine too!

  5. Hehe…MY WONDERFUL husband does our laundry!! I’m so blessed! 😀

  6. We only have 3 in our family; but laundry seems to be the one thing that can become out of control VERY quickly! I was like you. I would do laundry one day a week. Well, that really stank…litterally and hypothetically. So now I take a shower in the morning and my husband and daughter take them at night. So after I have had my shower in the morning I will put all of the clothes from the previous day in the laundry room. I use dark brown towels so I always start with a dark load which is typically all of the clothes that I have. If by chance I have a white shirt in the mix I will put it in the laundry basket and wait until I have a full white/light load. While the load is washing I will put dishes in the dishwasher and go about other things. Then I set the alarm to go off on the dryer when it’s finished. So that no matter what I am doing when it goes off I go in and get them out. Pile the load up on the den sofa and fold them there. That way, I can’t sit down until the clothes have at least made it to their correct room.

  7. I love the 5 min challenges!

  8. I have no routine. I just do what fits in our schedule. I am a stay at home mom and do all of the laundry- we are a family of 5 about to be 6 in the spring. Right now I find it best to wash everyones clothes pretty much seperate so I dont have to sort and take the basket to a bunch of different places. I do mine in a load, hubbys in a seperate load, my baby girls in a load, but do combine both boys laundry. Then all the towels in a load and sheets in a load. So typically with all that I am doing about 1-2 loads a day just to keep up. But I dont have a set schedule- like how some do whites on Mondays and sheets on Tuesdays and so on. I just do which ever person or type (towels or bedding) that needs done for that time. I also some times use different detergents and softeners for diff loads. For example- I use the more expensive nice smelling softener always on my clothes but only on occasion on my hubbys or kids- since they dont give a rats butt if they smell all good like flowers 🙂 I feel like I never am caught up on laundry- but with almost 6 people to do laundry for I dont know how that would ever get done. And I must say if we ever buy another house I will only want a ranch style! We have a two story with our washer and dryer in the basement- that is a lot of laundry moving!

    I also used to cloth diaper my DD but when I got prego again I gave up because the upkeep of doing a load of diapers ever to every other day was too exhausting!

  9. Hey Laurie, just an FYI but somebody at Asbury actually had a fire that started from their dryer. It happened while they were asleep and destroyed the laundry room (scary, but could have been much worse!). So maybe you could shift your routine so the dryer isn’t running unattended?

  10. Anne – Nice pun. 🙂

    I’m trying to keep the beast tamed by doing one load a day. The only problem is that is seams like there is never a day where I do just one. I go through spells where I do really well and all the clothes are washed and put away, but it almost ALWAYS falls apart when we go out of town to visit our parents. It seems like it takes a month to recover my laundry routine from a trip (just in time for the next one). At the moment, I have the towels in the wash. I love washing towels. So easy to fold. 🙂

    And I loved the 5 minute challenge. Just as long as it doesn’t involve a full load of laundry. 😉

  11. My husband and I split the laundry duties. We usually do a load or 2 every other day first thing in the morning.
    I love the 5 minute challenges. They get up and moving.

    My moms dryer caught on fire one day. She started the dryer and went to run errands. It damaged 2 rooms in our home.

  12. Kandy Duncan says

    Wisk laundry detergent is really cheap at CVS this week with the $2 coupon from Sundays paper and the spent $25 get $10 extra care bucks.
    If you buy 5 use 5 $2 coupons out of pocket is $15 and you get back $10 in extra bucks. You can also buy two Revlon nail files at 2.99 each and get back $7 extra bucks so you make $1

  13. I liked the 5 minute challenges! It reminded me to do something I might not have thought about, and it’s easy enough to fit 5-10 minutes into your day.

  14. I’ve loved reading your tips! Lately I’ve been on top of things enough to let my dryer run while we’re still awake – I may change my routine to putting a load in right after dinner and then changing while the kids go to bed after reading about the two fires (how horrible!)

    Anne – I LOVE the idea of doing just one persons load at a time because as my girls are getting bigger it’s a pain to figure out whose panties are whose! 🙂 What do you do about colored items and whites though – just two loads each?

    My favorite tip after reading these though has to be Holly’s . . . letting my hubby do it would be the best! I’d love to hear any more tips you all have – this is definitely my cleaning nightmare in our home!

  15. I have a laundry sorter I bought at Sam’s that has four individual cloth bags – what I do is use one for shirts and jeans, one for undies and socks, one for towels, and one for sheets. I hate putting up laundry in the first place but it does make it easier when the loads are sorted in the same type. Nothing but jeans and shirts (bring tons of hangers), next load just towels, next load just socks and undies (don’t need hangers), etc.
    But, by far the best plan I have come up with is to let my teenagers do their own laundry…now, I just have to enact that plan!

  16. I agree about the night-time drying. We were on the brink of a fire last night (with our brand new dryer). Fortunately my husband realized before he came to bed that the heater on the dryer had been going for about 4hrs. without turning off when the tumbler was done. The entire laundry room was HOT! YIKES!!!

  17. keep the challenges coming!! I do laundry everyday. My goal is to fold or sort as soon as it comes out of the drier so I don’t get the dreaded pile. We have five in our family, I keep 5 baskets lined up and sort the 3 kids clothes and fold my husbands and mine in the basket. I put everything away about once a week. This way everyone knows where to find their clothes. Thanks for all your tips and deals!

  18. I really liked your 5 minute challenges!

  19. I am a one day a week laundry person. It is awful, but it works for me. I run around like crazy all the time and it makes me stay home for one day each week and get it done. I am like the others who will not leave their dryer unattended. I have also learned (the hard way) not to leave the washing machine unattended either.

    Meanwhile, I LOVE the 5 minute challenges. If you are in need of ideas, let me know. I do a challenge day with a friend once a week and we give each other wierd challeges. But, my house loves me for it. We try to do it on the laundry day 🙂

  20. The 5 minute challenge was a great idea

  21. Hey Laurie!
    With our family of six, I definitely need to do 1, sometimes 2, loads a day. But now with older kids, I get a little help. Each child gets a day, plus one day for mommy and daddy’s clothes, and one day for household loads (sheets, towels, etc), leaving one day for NO LAUNDRY (we are so busy with after school activities on that day, we are hardly home long enough). On their day the washer is open for them to start a load, they start their laundry and get in in the dryer, then I fold it and have it ready for them to put it away (I’m a little OCD to let them fold it, it never gets done neat enough, and I don’t mind). It is a good feeling to stay on top of it and I do enjoy getting a little help from the big girls now!

  22. I loved the challenges. As for laundry, I am a load a day girl myself. We are a family of 5 and things get out of hand quickly, especially now in the winter when we are wearing so many layers. I usually grab whichever dirty basket is fullest and sort that out and get started. Every day I grab a different basket to sort into waiting “sort” baskets and wash accordingly. I also hang a lot of things to dry and have a lot of sweaters drying to deal with so I check on that stuff while the load is drying. This is all first thing in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast and getting ready. The kids clothes go on their beds to be put away and even my husband’s stuff goes on his side of the bed. I only put away mine and the linens. When the day comes that I don’t really have a full load (and it does if I keep up with it) then I know it must be time to wash someones bedding. I will admit I don’t wash sheets every week and I’m not sure who really does but I do get it in every two weeks or so. Also, I have a childhood friend who has had 3 different dryers catch on fire over the course of her life so the mention of not leaving the dryer unattended is excellent advice. I start the wash first thing, put it in the dryer after I take my girls to school, and then pick up around the house. Usually by the time I am finished picking up and planning my day the load is finished and I can fold it and sort it to the bedrooms. Sometimes I get tired of this and go back to the “all in one day method” but it never lasts. Someone always needs something … a sweatshirt for basketball, team shorts for soccer, the only pants that match this shirt … something, so I end up washing a load anyway. A load a day helps me keep up with that stuff. My sister in law was over this summer and complained about how she had to do 3 loads every other Sunday (that’s it, 3 loads including linens, towels, everything … 3 loads in 2 weeks and she was complaining!!!) I thought I was going to stuff her in my washing machine right then and watch her go round and round. 🙂

    Best of luck!

  23. I have six kids, five of whom have regular chores to do. One, the oldest, is in charge of washing clothing. Two others are in charge of folding and distributing to bedrooms. I often step in to wash, but very rarely to fold. I don’t think our routine is stellar, but it works. 🙂

    I make my own detergent also, great money saver.

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