How Cleaning & Organizing Help My Budget

My daughter's tee-tiny bedroom – see more pictures HERE and read more HERE on how it's taught me contenment

The last week as I've been tackling laundry, tidying our entertainment center, scrubbing the sinks and just generally catching up on my home, I've been amazed at how much more content I am with what I have simply by taking care to make my home the very best space it can beAs a girl who's spent years thinking if only I had . . . “, I've been reminded that just taking care of what I already own can make even the tiniest space just enough. 


If you're in a place today where you feel like your home isn't big enough, your closets will never be large enough, or there's just no way you can manage without a bit larger kitchen, bathroom, garage (or whatever), I encourage you to choose to do the very best you can to make the space you already have just perfect for you.


I promise from experience that our family has lived in a tiny home and one that's plenty big, and there is always (always!) someone who has something bigger, better, fancier, and way more impressive than what I'll have in my own home (and I really do love my  home!)  But, taking care to clean, organize, and “fluff” the space that you're in (no matter the size), can make what you already have just perfect for you.


Take pride in what you have right now – whether it be your home, your car, or even something as trivial as the purse you carry, to make it the very best space you can have with the money you can afford. I promise it's worth it, and choosing not to sacrifice what you really want for what you want right now will change your family's future.
If you've seen this in your own life (or have struggled with contentment too), I'd love for you to leave a comment to share your thoughts!



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  1. amen!

  2. I LOVE this post! We don’t have the biggest house and my girls have to share a room. They are getting to the ages (7&9) they are wanting their own space but that just isn’t possible in this house. I want them to learn contentment and to be thankful for our nice (but small) house we have. I always make sure my attitude stays in check too to be content with our space and make it work the best it can for us!

    • You know what’s funny Lindsay? My girls (now 10 and 6) have their own rooms but actually wish they were together in the same room! I think our attitude makes so much difference (although sometimes it’s HARD), but I love that you’re teaching your children contentment. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for encouragement today! Sometimes I find myself WAY out there in “Wishland” and “Wantland” that I completely miss the blessing of my own home. Your daughter’s room is just lovely and I bet she just loves her little space!

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