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Remember two years ago when we just moved in and my daughter was determined to have an IKEA platform bed?

Yup. me too.


Making that bed though was quite near the death of me, so I finally gave in and decided it was well worth the money to start fresh.


(Y'all, getting that bed made up with clean sheets was an Olympic sized feat ~ so much so that I had to muster up everything in me to keep any potty-words from coming out.)




(It was ridiculous.) 


So a few months ago we bought Caroline a set of full mattresses (hoping she would occasionally let her sister snuggle up at night), and found a headboard similar to this one online. (I can't remember exactly where we purchased it, but I wished I'd realized it was really meant for a queen size bed not full/queen. The board is a little wider than the bed, but it'll do!) 


Her dresser was the one I had growing up that we re-painted several years ago, and for now we brought up these garage sale nightstands from the guest bedroom. (Honestly, we don't have guests all that often so it makes more sense for her to use them!)


Then I remembered this frame I'd found on clearance for $3 years ago (we'd actually moved it with us), and realized for just a few dollars we could update it to match perfectly.


We found fabric at Hobby Lobby along with a large piece of cork board . . .


cut the cork board to fit the frame (clearly Caroline and I aren't expert cutters, but my sweet hubby came home and tidied things up a bit to make it work)


I stapled the fabric onto the board . . .


Caroline spray painted the old frame . . .


And for about $8 the bulletin board was done!


I found the flowers, lamp, and dishes at Hobby Lobby as well (all on sale for 50% off this week . . . )


As well as the signs to hang above her bed. (We're actually waiting on one more anchor to go on the left side ~ our store was out but we had one shipped and it's on its way!)


(She was in love with the anchor idea – I'm not totally sold on that anchor pillow but for now it works!)

I'd still like to find some inexpensive curtains and shades for those lamps (those lamps have been re-painted about 16 times, but I think with a new shade they'll do?)



(Not that it matters too much – but Caroline isn't allowed with a computer by herself in her room – however I was in there with her taking these pictures while she was watching the Olympics, and she used the computer to hide!) 🙂 


And we may repaint those nightstands one day in a brighter color but for now they're just fine.


We haven't spent a bundle on the room, but it is so much better and should fit her through college. (I love that!)

If you have a room that's needed some fluffing, a trip to Hobby Lobby might just get you all set up too. 🙂


More rooms we've updated in our home . . .







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  1. It is lovely, and refreshing. It looks like something at a nice B&B- NOT a hotel, because I don’t find them welcoming- just an occasional necessity for price and convenience- If it is in colors and patterns she loves, that’s wonderful! (plus it will double as a lovely guest room should she venture to a farther off college or you have a housefull of family for the holidays)…..

    My only 2 questions (not judgements, curiosity, really)-
    1. what made the platform bed hard to change? Was it so big it had to be in a corner and you couldn’t reach the one area from below?
    2. Wasn’t your daughter able to help, or was she still too little to do so? (again, asking because my daughter had a JR loft bed and was too small to make it, and her room was small so it was in a corner and it made it hard for me- but when my ex’s boys had bunk beds I was able to make theirs from below until they were big enough to do it themselves….)

    • Hi Mo! Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

      Honestly, the platform bed was ridiculous to make – I had to get a ladder because it was extra tall, and there was just no way to make it work (plus the metal frame was awful to stand on, seriously, I have made bunk beds before and no problem, but this was just a monster to tackle!)

      She’s pretty good to do things on her own, but this one was just too much!

  2. Just an idea.. you could get some fabric and cover the lampshades for an less expensive redo.

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