Help! What Are Your Best Tips for Organizing Your Pantry?


We've been working, and working and working to make a dent in the huge amount of unpacking here, and I just got around to tackling my stockpile!


It's been awhile since I've had a walk-in pantry, and while it's not very big, I'm determined to make it work.



I still have a ways to go (clearly!) but would love your tips if you have them on how to organize shelves like these! I really hope by tomorrow to be somewhat back to a normal schedule of sharing a few deals ~ we've had quite a few little unexpected disasters today as we've moved so just keeping up with everything here as been all I can do.


Any tips for me? Please leave a comment to share!

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  1. My #1 tip is to put down some cheap plastic placemats on the shelves before you fill them, it will keep all those tiny bottles, and ketchups from falling over. 🙂

  2. Heidi Miller says

    use those little plastic baskets you can get at the Dollar Tree (2 or 3 for a $1) to organize anything smaller than a 5 lb bag of sugar. Group the foods together (baking, seasoning, pastas, etc), then you can pull out a basket without moving several containers.

  3. Jenn Brown Weiner says

    They sell shelf plastic so things don't fall through the cracks! Baskets are also helpful. The sell a ton of accessories for those type of shelves at lowes and target. Been a while since I looked but I'm sure they still sell them by the shelving.

  4. I use bins and baskets for pasta, rice, packets and baking items. They will help maximize your space. Turntables, tier style spice rack and can rack will help too. Do you have long empty wall space inside your pantry? Maybe to the left or right of the pantry door. If so, maybe you could find a long spice rack to fit that area.

  5. Carrollynn Masters says

    I have those same wire shelves, though not as big a pantry. That looks wonderful. It helped me to get some shelf liners and put on the shelves so little things don't fall through and things don't fall over. Also, bins and baskets are great ways to organize anything in bags – for example, I have a chips basket, a "taco night" basket, etc. And if you want to make use of that floor space but really don't want to set things on the floor, you can use rolling carts (container store or wal-mart). This also helps to easily roll them out of the way when you want to mop. I love your new kitchen. As soon as your children can get into church and youth activities I'm sure they'll have new friends in no time. Can't wait to see more pix of the house. It's beautiful so far. God bless y'all. ( Had to put that y'all in there for you since I'm from Alabama)

  6. Judy Williams says

    Height counts! My grandchildren love Mac and cheese. I stack the boxes fto use every bit of space. I may be over organized, but I put canned beans, corn, tomatoes, etc. in alphabetical order. It helps me know at a glance when something is running low. I also like clear containers so I have an idea on when to buy more crackers, lentils, etc.

  7. If you are vertically challenged like myself, reaching anything on the top shelf is impossible without a chair. But I figured out tht if I don’t over the wires I can poke the needed items from the underside of the shelf to wiggle them to the edge. Healthiest foods are eye level as they are supposed to be, so you can see what I am usually scheming to reach on that top shelf ; )

    • Thanks for the tip Crystal! I’ve already decided to keep a stool in there and I think my husband’s going to put some shelves up higher 🙂

  8. I know it’s a new house, but be careful of too much weight on these shelves. We replaced our wire shelves with wooden boards on shelf brackets screwed into the studs. After our bedroom closet and laundry room (only ‘pantry’ I have) crashed.

  9. AGREE with all the others – must have shelf liner of some sort ASAP. Got a box cutter? Cut those cardboard boxes into liners for the shelves. That’s what I did and two years later it’s working wonderfully – at zero cost!

  10. michelle says

    Cardboard flats first so nothing falls thru. The I use the shallow box flats (like the cans come in at Aldi) to make semi – pullout drawers. I clearly label the shallow box flat on the end with the stuff stored inside. Such as “pasta”
    I also found its best to stack boxed cake mixes and stuff flat with their tops facing out and their fronts facing down allows me to get more stuff on a shelf and still see the markings of what I have. Finally for canned foods i bought these sturdy cardboard organizers from (I think)

  11. michelle says

    Oops that other one wasn’t the right link

  12. Looks like a great space! One thing that’s helped me is designating a spot for all baking ingredients. I bought one of those rolling frames that you put under file cabinets, then popped in a filing crate filled with flour/sugar/bisquik/choc chips/etc and a smaller bin for cupcake liners/vanilla/food coloring/etc. Since I usually do all my baking at a set time, I can roll out all my baking supplies when I need them, and roll ’em back when I’m done. Easy peasy, and this method helps save shelf space. Another trick that works for me is a DVD/videotape rack over the door, perfect for holding smaller jello boxes and seasoning packets. Congrats on your new home, it’s beautiful 🙂

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