Help! Pork Chop Recipes Please?

Looking for more penny pinched recipes? Here you go!


I was all excited to try a new healthier recipe this week for pork chops (they're on sale at Publix for $3.49/lb and Buy One Get One Free at Bi Lo and Winn Dixie this week), but my recipe flopped. (I kind of based it loosely on this one ~ didn't turn out yummy at all.)


I've made a few great pork chop recipes (try out these Slow Cooker Ranch House Pork Chops, Slow Cooker Sour Cream Pork Chops or Grilled Pork Chop Marinade), but since my family loves pork I would love a few new ideas on how to make them!

Anyone have any suggestions?  If you share one of your favorite recipes in the comments and I share it here on PPP, I'll give you a $10 Amazon gift card ~ surely there's got to be another way to make pork chops that our family will love, and I know all you penny pinching moms have got to have an idea or two for me!  Leave a comment with your recipe (or link to a recipe that you've made), and hopefully I'll have a few new pork recipes to share soon!

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  1. DJuana Richmond says

    Tomato Pork Chops

    Pork Chops (I usually cook 5 or 6 – season to your taste)
    1 can tomato soup

    Place seasoned pork chops in baking dish. In a separate bowl, mix can of tomato soup with water. I use about 3/4 can water. You can put more/less water depending on how thick you want your gravy. Pour tomato soup mixture over pork chops. Bake 1 hour @ 350. Serve over rice. Easy and good!

  2. One of our favorite go to Pork Recipes is very basic…we coat the pork chops in barbeque sauce and then coat in panko bread crumbs…cook at 400 for 20 minutes and they are delish. Easy and relatively quick. We have done this with both boneless and bone-in chops.

  3. Spanish pork chops

    Preheat the oven to 350. Take a 9×13 pan. Place some pickle juice in the pan to cover the bottom. Add your desired number of pork chops. Place a dollop of ketchup on each one. Slice an onion and place on top of the ketchup. Bake for 45 minutes or until the mean is done. So easy. So tender!!

  4. My two favorite recipes are both found on Food Network:
    Tyler Florence’s buttermilk smothered pork chops-Yummy! (I double the gravy for the recipe and cook as many chops as will fit in my cast iron skillet)

    and Giada’s pork chops pizzaiola (I also double or triple this recipe).

  5. Take pork chop and place on piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle with dry italian dressing mix. Wrap in foil packet. Place in crockpot and cook all day. Yummy!

  6. Faith Glosser Conaway says

    Many times I buy pork chops and cut the meat off and use it to make pork fried rice. Tons of fresh veggies, brown rice, eggs… family loves it! Let me know if you want the recipe cause it's in my head. (BUT really this is just a concept or technique not a recipe – removing the meat and using it as an ingredient)

  7. Mine is French Onion Pork Chops! We make it almost weekly around our house. Here is a link to my blog post with the recipe and a photo 🙂

    *1.5 lb boneless pork chops, 1/2 thick
    *2 onions, thinly sliced
    *2 Tbs Worcestershire sauce
    *1 pkg (6 oz) chicken stuffing mix
    *1.5 cups hot water
    *1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

    Make It :
    HEAT large nonstick skillet (sprayed with cooking spray) on medium- high heat. Add chops and onions; cook ten minutes or until chops are done (160 F), turning and stirring after five minutes. Remove chops from skillet; set aside
    COOK and stir onions for five minutes or until golden brown; stir in Worcestershire sauce. Return chops to skillet. Spook onions over chops.
    MIX stuffing mix and water; spoon around edge of skillet. Top with cheese; cover. Cook five minutes or until cheese in melted.

  8. I used to have a recipe that called for sliced granny smith apples and onions under the pork chops in the crock pot…some simple flour mix on them(like salt/pepper and flour) and then some apple juice. Today I have the sliced apples and onions(cuz you can get the taste in the pork but it is not overpowering) with a pork roast that I have some wine on(no apple juice) and rosemary garlic seasoning. My kitchen smells heavenly! Apples are good to eat with pork I have heard, think it helps digest or something. We are having corn bread, green beans, corn and mashed potatoes with it. 🙂

  9. Krisdena Reeser says

    Smothered Pork Chops with Mushrooms. My husband loves this recipe. Recommend thick cut (bone-in) pork chops:

  10. These peach glazed pork chops are delicious:

  11. crzycwgrly says

    One of my fav go to….
    pork chops * prefer loin..thicker cut!
    A can golden mushroom soup
    n water to just the top.
    u can crock pot this or let simmer but the longer u cook it the softer the chops. I also salt n pepper to taste n brown on both sides.

  12. Caritia Krakow says

    Sometimes I use a recipe I have for Hawaiian Chicken and replace the chicken with pork chops. I mix a can of pineapple chunks and its juice, a couple sliced onions and greep peppers, and a couple tablespoons of brown sugar. I pour that mixture over the meat and cook it for about 45 minutes. Once it's cooked, I serve it over rice.

  13. Baked bean chop casserole. Layer Bushes original baked beans, pork chops in a baking dish. Sprinkle brown sugar on top, drizzle ketchup, mustard and add slices of onion on top. A pinch of Salt n Pepper. Cover and cook at 350 for 45 min uncovered for an additional 20…. Sounds wired but it is so good! The beans are your side dish, takes me 5 minutes to prep, perfect for busy parents!!!

  14. Katie Greene says

    I made pork chops last night. We used breadcrumbs mixed with Johnny's season sale and some Italian seasoning, the breaded them and baked. Served couscous on the side 🙂 very yummy and kids love it too.

  15. I just sprinkle on the Lawry's! Everything tastes good with Lawry's! (I cook them in a little olive oil, Lawry's and maybe a little parsley in a pan, add a little water and keep the lid on. Flip them after 3 or 5 minutes, the cook the other side for 3 – 5 min. Over cooking makes them very dry….)

  16. This is a super easy one I used to make when I was a kid: Top porkchops with sweetened applesauce OR sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar. Bake in 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until cooked through/no longer pink.

  17. This one i made this week. I liked that it has a totally different take on park chops….Yummy!

    Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad with Pork Chops

  18. Always easy and oh! so! juicy put mayo on pork chops then roll them in Italian bread crumbs parmesan cheese bake at 350 for 30min. Never will you have a more juicy pork chop…YUM <3 <3 <3 and I am NO COOK I can mess anything up or burn it <3 <3

  19. This one is quick and cheap, using pantry staples:

    Another quick and easy using pantry staples (seeing a theme here??? I have no time to cook something elaborate):

    Here lately though, I’ve been coating everything in dijon first and a parm cheese, garlic and s&p mixture second, and then popping in the oven for a few minutes. Works with chicken or pork.

  20. Pam Swedberg Rosequist says

    My hubby's favorite is Adobo Pork Chops (adapted from and my kids love them too!

    6 boneless pork loin chops
    2 TBSP packed brown sugar
    2 TBSP olive oil
    2 TBSP orange juice (I use fresh squeezed from my tangerine tree:)
    2 tsp dried cilantro
    1 TBSP red wine vinegar
    2 TBSP chili powder
    1 tsp ground cumin
    1/2 tsp dried oregano
    1/2 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
    1/4 tsp cinnamon
    3 tsp minced garlic

    Trim fat from pork chops. Place pork chops in a resealable bag, place bag in a shallow dish.

    In a large bowl or in the bag, combine brown sugar, oil, orange juice, cilantro, vinegar, chili powder, cumin, oregano, salt, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and garlic. Pour marinade over chops or add chops to the bag. marinate in a ziploc bag for 2 hours in the refrigerator, turning bag occasionally. I like to marinate mine overnight or I will freeze them in the marinade to use later.

    Drain chops, discard marinade. Start grill. When grill is hot, place chops directly over heat. I like to heat my grill hot and then turn the temp to low before grilling. Grill about 12 minutes, turn over and grill another 12 -15 minutes or until juices run clear. I don't usually have to cook them that long, depends on the thickness of the pork chops.

  21. Laura Lenau says

    My husband and I bought a hog from his uncle’s farm, so we had a lot of pork dinners. We tried pork chops a few different ways and this one was our favorite. Not only does my husband’s grandma enjoy pork chops cooked this way because the meat is tender enough for her to eat with dentures, but our close friends raved about them, too (and the recipe is so easy)!

    Ingredients :
    4 pork chops
    1-2 cans cream of broccoli soup
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Optional : garlic salt

    Scoop a little soup into the bottom of your crock pot. Place pork chops into crock pot and cover with remaining amount of soup. Add pepper salt, or garlic salt to taste. Cook 4hrs on high, or 6hrs on low. Done! Enjoy!

    Pairs well with mashed potatoes and caramelized baby carrots.

  22. Apple stuffing pork chops just use a can of Apple pie filling in the bottom of pan place browned chops on top of it and a box of stuffing that's been prepared and dollop it on top of chops and bake

  23. This is my favorite way to make pork chops. My Mom said the recipe has been around for decades. I remember her making it for me when I was a kid.

    4 (1 inch thick) bone-in pork chops
    2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
    1 tsp. Cajun seasoning
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    1 (15 ounce) can diced tomatoes
    1 green bell pepper, seeded and chopped
    1 onion, chopped
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
    1 1/4 teaspoons salt


    Mix flour and Cajun seasoning in a small bowl. Coat the pork chops with flour mixture, shaking off the excess. Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add pork chops and cook until browned on each side, about 5 minutes per side. Reduce heat to low and add the tomatoes, bell pepper and onion. Season with Worcestershire sauce and salt. Cover and simmer for about 1 hour, until chops are fork tender.

    Note: In the past, I've blended a portion of the sauce to create a smoother consistency and it's really great that way. Also, it makes a lot of sauce so if there is any leftover, I freeze it and use it on fried pork chops for another meal!

  24. One of our favorite go to pork chop recipes is this one:

  25. Leleah Miser says

    I use boneless pork chops, put them in a teriyaki marinade (I use lawry's) then grill them. I also grill some pineapple slices and make them into sandwichs on toasted buns. One of my husband's favorites and fairly quick. Add a canned veggie and dinner is ready.

  26. Jennifer Long says

    season chops with either salt/pepper or your fav spice blend, Brown pork chops on both sides in oil and then add a can of cream of mushroom and half can of milk, simmer covered for 30 min + until pork chops are done

  27. Mine is not really a recipe – just a healthy flavorful alternative to good ol’ fried porkchops!
    I mix equal parts italian breadcrumbs/panko/grated parmesan and romano cheese.
    Rinse each pork chop under the faucet, let excess drip off, then coat porkchops in breading mixture evenly on both sides.
    place on foil lined baking pan that has been heavily spraying with pam.
    spray tops of all breaded porkchops with pam.
    Bake at 375 until brown.

  28. Whew! You could make a book from this comment list. My favorite recipe is from BudgetBytes ( I am really picky and so is my fiance and we both loved this!!

    4 thick cut pork chops (bone-in or boneless) $5.97
    ¼ cup brown sugar $0.12
    ½ tsp cayenne powder $0.05
    ½ tsp garlic powder $0.05
    ½ tsp paprika $0.05
    ½ tsp salt $0.05
    ½ tsp black pepper $0.05
    Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl combine the brown sugar and spices (salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika and garlic powder or whatever spice blend you like).
    Remove the pork chops from their package and rub the brown sugar/spice mix all over both sides. Use all of the spice mix.
    Heat 2 Tbsp of olive oil in a skillet over medium/high heat. When the oil is nice and hot (it will look wavy in the pan), add the pork chops. Cook the chops for about 5 minutes on each side or until they are nicely browned.
    If you are using an oven safe skillet, place the skillet in the oven for an additional 5 minutes to make sure they are cooked through. If your skillet is not oven safe (most plastic handled skillets and teflon are not safe in the oven), transfer the chops to a baking sheet lined with foil then place in the oven.
    Remove the chops from the oven and drag each side around in the thick glaze that has formed around the chops in the pan prior to serving.

  29. 2 cans (15 oz each) Pork and Beans, drained
    1-1/2 cups sliced, quartered red skin apples
    1/2 cup chopped onion
    1/2 cup Barbecue Sauce
    No-Stick Cooking Spray
    4 boneless pork chops (6 oz each)
    1/4 teaspoon salt

    Preheat outdoor grill to medium-high heat according to manufacturer’s directions. Stir together drained beans, apple, onion and barbecue sauce in medium bowl.
    Place four 18×12-inch pieces of heavy foil on counter. Spray each with cooking spray. Place 1 pork chop in center on each piece of foil; sprinkle with salt. Spoon 1/4th bean mixture over pork for each packet. Bring up short sides of each foil packet and double fold top. Double fold both ends to seal each packet, leaving space for steam to gather.
    Place on cooking sheet and bake at 350 (F) for 30 minutes, or until pork is cooked through (160°F) and apples are tender. Carefully open packets.

  30. Megan Farley says

    I’ve got two … my kids love both! The first is to quickly brown both sides in olive oil and garlic in a deep side pan or dutch oven, then pour your favorite pasta sauce over them and simmer for at least 20 minutes. The pork gets so tender and adds loss of flavor to the sauce. Serve with pasta. Can also be done in the crock pot.

    Also have a different 5 ingredient marinade/sauce. Mix 1/2 cup ketchup, 1/4 cup apricot jam, 2 tbs honey, 1 1/2 tbs soy sauce and 1 tbs rice vinegar to pour over chops (or chicken) and then bake in a 9×13 baking dish.

  31. Bake bone-in chops in oven with a little salt and pepper, or use Goya seasoning. On stovetop,heat TBSP of oil. Saute chopped onions, green peppers (or any colored peppers) and jalapeno pepper (omit if don't want spicy). Add a can of diced tomatoes, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer and add pork chops for 10 min. Serve with tortillas, and pinto beans or black beans. Yum!!

  32. I have used this recipe in the past and had great results. We make it gluten-free by using gluten-free soy sauce.

  33. We love pork chops at our house nothing to special though I bread them and bake them then add BBQ sauce bake 15 minutes longer. My kids like them with corn on the cob and corn bread. We also like to use McCormick slow cooker seasoning for pulled pork sandwiches with a salad it’s very simple for a busy mom.


    These are a favorite at our house! Healthy, fast!!!, and delicious!

  35. Kimberly M. says

    Pork chop casserole:

    4 boneless pork chops
    potaoes, cut up
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1/2 to 1 can milk (use soup can)
    1 medium onion, chopped
    salt & pepper to taste

    In a 9×13 baking dish put potatoes and onions. Mix soup & milk well, pour over potatoes. Salt & Pepper. Lay pork chops on potatoes. Bake at 350 degrees until done.

    Note: my hubby doesn’t eat pork and I often substitute chicken in this recipe.

  36. Smothered Pork Chops. Brown pork chops in oil. Set to side after browned. In same oil, Sauté sliced green bell peppers and sliced onion until tender. Take peppers and onion out and mix in a can of rotel tomatoes – use mild or original depending on your taste. Put pork chops back in skillet. Add pepper, onion, and tomato mixture to top of pork chops. Cover with lid and cook for 30 minutes or until fork tender. Serve over rice. Yummy!

  37. Marianne Donovan says

    We have two favorite pork chop recipes in our family. One is a real old one off a package of Ore Ida Potatoes from like the 70’s that I grew up on and raised my family on as well.

    Baked Pork Chop Casserole
    4 pork chops (1#) salted, peppered, and paprika-ed.
    2 T oil
    1 can (10.5 oz) cream of mushroom or cream of celery soup
    1 t parsley flakes
    1 can green beans
    1/2 bag Ore Ida dinner/steak fries
    1/2 cup sour cream

    Preheat oven 400 degrees. Brown chops in oil. remove the chops from the pan. Put in sour cream and undiluted soup. Heat but do not boil. Place fries in shallow 2 qt casserole pan. Top fries with green beans. Pour the hot sauce over the top. Place pork chops on top. Cover and bake 45 mins. We usually double the recipe. It is a great easy recipe.

    2nd favorite is Neapolitan Pork Chops. No idea where this recipe originated. My mother’s friend gave it to her in the mid 70’s and our family has made it since then.

    Neapolitan Pork Chops
    4-6 Pork Chops
    2 T olive oil
    3 cloves garlic chopped
    3 thinly sliced onions
    3 green peppers sliced
    1 # mushrooms sliced
    1 large can Italian tomatoes cut up
    1/2 c. white wine
    1/4 t basil and oregano
    1 c. water

    Season chops with salt and pepper. Brown in a heavy pan. Remove chops. Add oil, garlic and onions. When just starting to turn brown/caramelize add the mushrooms and green peppers. Cook 4-5 mins, then add the tomatoes and wine and spices. Cook about 45 mins, until the flavors have had a chance to meld. Add water as needed. Place chops in large casserole. Cover chops with the sauce and bake 45 mins at 350 degrees. Best served over fettuccine or rice. Takes longer and is a little more work to make, but it is incredible.

  38. My favorite is three ingredients and super quick and easy. Best of all I get to use my crock pot 🙂

    Polynesian Pork Chops
    4-6 pork chops
    1 bottle of bbq sauce
    1 can of crushed pinneapple

    Place chops in crock pot pour other ingredients over them and cook on low for 8 hours. I usually serve over rice, with a salad or green of some sort. A quick and easy dinner!

  39. One of my favorite pork chop recipes is from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook (yes, with the red plaid cover). It’s actually listed as being for veal (listed as “Veal with Mushroom Sauce”), but works wonderfully with pork! It’s quick, easy & delicious…and even my 4 year old will eat it! I always make extra sauce because it’s so great over rice or stuffing.

    Pork with Mushroom Sauce

    Makes: 4 servings
    Start to Finish: 25 mins

    4 pork chops (about 1-3/4 pounds)
    3/4 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
    2 tablespoons sliced green onion (1)
    1 tablespoon butter or margarine
    1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
    2 teaspoons snipped fresh thyme or 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed
    1 cup milk, half-and-half or light cream
    2 tablespoons dry white wine or 1 tablespoon water plus 2 teaspoons white wine Worcestershire sauce
    Salt and black pepper (optional)

    Preheat broiler. Place chops on the unheated rack of a broiler pan. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Broil 3 to 4 inches from the heat until done (160 degrees F), turning meat over after half of the broiling time. For veal, allow 14 to 16 minutes for medium; for pork allow 9 to 12 minutes.
    Meanwhile, for sauce, in a medium saucepan cook mushrooms and onion in hot butter until tender. Stir in flour and, if using, dried thyme. Add half-and-half all at once. Cook and stir until thickened and bubbly. Cook and stir for 1 minute more. Stir in wine and, if using, fresh thyme. If desired, season sauce with salt and black pepper. Transfer chops to a serving platter. Spoon some of the sauce over the chops. Pass any remaining sauce.

  40. Just put some salt and pepper on them. Brown them in a hot pan and finish in the oven. Serve with some apple compote. Just chop some apples up, add a little cinnamon, and water and simmer until soft. Delish!

  41. JoAnna Williams says

    This recipe is my fave and makes the best pork chops I’ve ever had! I like to sauté anything I can because it’s quick and keeps meat from getting dry. The flavors just sink right into the chops!

  42. Use 2 cans of condensed mushroom soup mix them with two cans water add 1 tsp fresh garlic 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper mix together put pork chops in a 13×9 dish pour mixture over top. Slice up onions and put sliced onions on top cover with foil then bake at 325 for 25-30 min till chops are done. Serve over rice. YUMMY! !

  43. Gayle Latuszek says

    I have the quickest and easiest Pork Chop recipe!

    Any pork chop cut, bring to room temperature, meanwhile, turn broiler on and let it heat up.
    Right before you put under broiler, sprinkle with salt, pepper and garlic powder – both sides.
    Stick under broiler for about 4 min., turn over and broil again about 4 min!
    DONE !! Whoosh – joking. It’s really that quick and easy. Did I mention how easy clean-up is.
    Tip – Cover your broiler pan with aluminum foil. When you are done just toss!
    Serve with any side of your choice. Applesauce, mashed potatoe, green beans, etc…..

  44. I love this recipe for pork chops can be done in the oven or crock pot.
    Pork Chops
    Potatoes – peeled and sliced
    onion – sliced
    can of cream of mushroom soup
    one can of water

    Brown pork chops
    put potatoes & onions in a baking baking dish. Mix soup & water together pour over potatoes & onions. Put pork chops on top. Cover with foil. Bake in the oven 45 – 60 minutes.
    If you do this recipe in the crock pot, on low at least 4-6 hours.
    Season to taste. I season the soup water mixture with salt, pepper, garlic powder. I also season the pork chops the same way.

  45. Saucy Pork chops is an old old recipe
    6 chops
    salt pepper
    1 med. onion thin sliced
    1 can cream of chicken soup (or use one of the make your own recipes)
    1/2 cup catsup
    2 or 3 teaspoons of worchestershire.
    brown chops in skillet on both sides in small amount of fat. season with salt and pepper, top with onion slices. combine remaining ingredients and pour over chops. cover simmer 45 -60 mintil chops are done. serve with sauce and we serve with either mashed or baked potatoes which are YUMMY with the sauce.

  46. Lynn Corwin cousin says

    Cube sweet potatoes with apple and onion, brown sugar and ketsup on top of pork chops and bake. Sometimes I add a little wine, or milk, or water.
    Seems like any combination is good.

  47. Easiest & most delicious recipe I’ve found. Sprinkle with salt & pepper both sides then coat both sides in flour. Heat a Tbsp of oil in pan on stovetop. Lightly brown each side of chop then place into crockpot. Add 1pkg dry onion soup mix & water. Cook on low for 6 hrs. Use 6-8 chops.

  48. Angela Haley says

    8 pork chops
    2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
    1 onion sliced
    4 potatoes sliced
    1 bell pepper sliced
    1 stick of butter sliced
    1/2 cup of milk to divide
    Seasoning, salt pepper garlic salt

    I use two baking dishes. Pour 1/4 of milk in each pan. Layer half of the sliced butter in each dish. Place 4 pork chops in each pan and season. Layer bell peppers, onions, and potatoes on top. Season again. Smear on top of potatoes of each pan with one can of cream of mushroom. Bake 350 for 45 minutes to hour depends on oven. If fork slides through like butter to chops. It’s done.

    While this seems like a lot at once I have teenage boys. I sometimes make three dishes of this at once. This is great for frozen hamburger patties too, which is my favorite way. We like mushrooms and jalapeño’s so I add them before the potatoes.

  49. Joyce Bassett Kritzberger says

    Simple, simple, simple… a crock pot combine 1 can of jellied cranberry sauce and one bottle of chili sauce (in the aisle near the catsup). Mix well and add pork chops. Cook for 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low. Serve over rice or egg noodles!

  50. we love barbecue pork chops
    place desired number pork chops in crock pot or electric skillet I add one can of coke ketchup mustard barbecue sauce and cook low and slow ….they fall apart so yummy

  51. Heidi Geores says

    Brown the pork chops in a frying pan. Once browned add brown gravy mix. Lower the heat, cover and allow the pork to cook low and slow. Turn the heat way down. You could always use a crock pot for this part, but would probably have to use more than one package of brown gravy mix if you did. I server it with egg noodles or potatoes and a veggie. The pork gets really tender and has a nice flavor.

  52. Courtney Bedsole Gunnells says

    Waycross Georgia Pork Chops

    5-6 thin pork chops (bone in or boneless)
    1 Cup water
    1 can cream of chicken soup (use regular not non-fat,etc)
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

    Salt and pepper chops
    Brown pork chops on both sides
    Whisk together water, soup and Worcestershire sauce..
    Put pork chops in electric skillet. Add soup mixture. Cover. Cook on low 25-30 minutes. * Flip them after 15 minutes.

    Make sure to cook low so pork chops will be so juicy they will just fall apart. If you cook them too high they will be too tough to eat. If I use more chops, I double soup mixture.

    Serve with rice casserole-

    1 cup raw white rice
    1 4 oz can drained mushrooms ( these can be left out)
    1/2 cup butter melted
    2 cans beef consommé
    Sometimes I add some chopped pecans

    Add all ingredients to greased 2 qt casserole. Stir. Bake uncovered at 350 for about 50 minutes. Easily I doubles for more people.

  53. Waycross Georgia Pork Chops

    5-6 thin pork chops (bone in or boneless)
    1 Cup water
    1 can cream of chicken soup (use regular not non-fat,etc)
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

    Salt and pepper chops
    Brown pork chops on both sides
    Whisk together water, soup and Worcestershire sauce..
    Put pork chops in electric skillet. Add soup mixture. Cover. Cook on low 25-30 minutes. * Flip them after 15 minutes.

    Make sure to cook low so pork chops will be so juicy they will just fall apart. If you cook them too high they will be too tough to eat. If I use more chops, I double soup mixture.

    Serve with rice casserole-

    1 cup raw white rice
    1 4 oz can drained mushrooms ( these can be left out)
    1/2 cup butter melted
    2 cans beef consommé
    Sometimes I add some chopped pecans

    Add all ingredients to greased 2 qt casserole. Stir. Bake uncovered at 350 for about 50 minutes. Easily I doubles for more people.

  54. My favorite pork chops are as simple as it gets, lemon pepper as much as you like, cook in my George Foreman until done, time depends on thickness.

  55. Ranch Pork Chops in the Crock Pot
    6 boneless pork chops (I use thinly sliced because my family is not big on eating meats)
    A packet of ranch dip mix
    1 can cream of chicken soup(after emptying fill with 1 1/2 cans of milk)

    Mix everything together in the crock pot. Cook on low 4-6 hours (if you use thinly sliced pork chops, you only need to cook for 4 hrs)

    These were a huge hit in my house, and I have two kids with severe texture and taste issues (Autistic)

  56. June Comer McDavitt says

    All of these recipes sound so delicious! I am printing all of them

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