Grove Collaborative: FREE Fall Gift Set ($32 Value)

Grove Collaborative Free Gift Set is BACK!!

I can't wait to finally try this one (I've been waiting all year!)

Mrs. Meyer's just came out with their new fall scents, and you can finally try out the new Spiced Pumpkin Scent (available only at the Grove!) right now for FREE!


The thing I love most about this little freebie is it totally motivates me to clean. I keep my hand soap, dish soap and multipurpose spray right next to my sink each day, and it's a happy little reminder to shine my kitchen sink after breakfast in the morning and again at night. It makes cleaning and making my home feel loved-on just feel oh-so-good, especially as the temps start to cool off.

Here's how to try it out yourself if you'd love some motivation to freshen up for fall too:

  • Start HERE
  • Choose your freebie scents (I picked Pumpkin Spice since I can't get that one anywhere else – I can't wait to try it)!
  • Get SIX FREE ITEMS: FREE hand soap, FREE dish soap, FREE multipurpose spray, FREE cleaning caddy, FREE 2 pack of sponges (And some readers are getting a FREE Glass Spray Bottle!)
  • When the Grove automatically adds extra suggestions to your cart, delete it unless it's really what you want

Note: If you’re an existing customer, you can use this link to get a free set of Grove walnut scrubber sponges

Next, add an additional $20 worth of items to your cart (here's an idea of what to pick):

  • 2 Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap (try the Mum maybe or Acorn Spice ~ then you'll have a set to get you through Thanksgiving + an extra to put in your bathroom!)
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Muti Surface Cleaner
  • 1 Bon Ami Cleaner
  • 1 Mrs. Meyer's Baking Soda Cream Cleaner
  • Total = $21.44 for 12 Cleaning Supplies, or $1.78 each. (Regularly $3.50 + everywhere else. WOW!)

THIS IS WAY BETTER than I've seen at Amazon. 

Or at Target.

Even with crazy promotions and sales at other stores.

Honestly, there's not a single deal I've seen better than this, and they only open it up a few times a year…. and this is the ONLY WAY TO GET YOUR FAVORITE SCENTS & PRODUCTS TOO!

(and those scents won't last, I went a little overboard and ordered myself them all this week to test them out – you're going to love them!)

***HINT: My favorites scents year round for cleaning are the Honeysuckle and Bluebell, but I just checked out the spiced pumpkin and it smells amazing too (like a fresh pumpkin pie just popped out of your oven.) 🙂 I'm also absolutely in love with the Mrs. Meyer's Baking Soda Cream Cleanser and Method Daily Granite too!***

If you love natural cleaning products for your family, I think you'll absolutely love these and I don't think you'll ever find a better price. In fact, I'm giving away a few of the hand soaps as Christmas gifts to my nieces this year!

And based on the reviews I'm seeing over on the PPP FB page, people absolutely love this company and these products. (A few of the scents they recommended are orange clove, honeysuckle and lavender.)

If you're interested, head on over HERE and check it out. It's only available for a few days, so hurry! Think of Grove as Amazon for natural cleaning products, cosmetics + try out free shipping and see what you think.

Let me know your thoughts on Grove too if you've tried them out before!

Although Grove is a monthly subscription program, you can cancel at anytime, and you can change your delivery schedule if you'd prefer to receive it every few months. You'll receive an email 7 days before your next box ships reminding you about it and asking you if you're still happy about what's coming your way.

I LOVE that!


My friend Staci LOVES Grove and has been a member for some time – she told me it makes her so happy when the monthly box of cleaning products shows up at her door. 🙂

I think of Grove Collaborative as being similar to Amazon Prime – but for plant-based, sustainable products.   So if you go through a lot of these products on a regular basis, it's something to consider because it easily gets you the very best price on all natural cleaners, cosmetics, paper products and more.

Hurry – this offer ONLY lasts while supplies last ~  get yours here!



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  1. I noticed at the end of the post that it says the deal is only good through January 14th.

  2. i order yesterday with the $20 purchase and free stuff with that,and they say they will email me with the confirmation, i am wondering why until now i havent get an email.pls let me know about my orders…if the frees stuff and with $20 purchase is finnished why still accepted my orders,i want my products orders,hope to hear from you. soon

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