Grocery Stock Up Price List (Updated September 2017)


Free Stock Up Price List Updated

If you struggle remembering what your top prices are at the grocery store, this is for you! I just updated my free Grocery Stock Up Price List printable.


As I’ve shared before, it’s so important to know your best prices when shopping (so you never pay too much), and this is just a guideline of my target prices after using coupons.


As I've shared before, these are STOCK UP PRICES using coupons, so some of the items may be tough to find at these prices. However, if you're able to find groceries at these prices, it's worth stocking up as much as your grocery budget allows, so that you always get the best price! These prices will vary some by area, but hopefully give you a good starting point as a reference guide. (If you're in an area where groceries are higher, you may want to update with your own prices as you watch them and keep the list on hand.)

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.27.14 AM


Hope this makes grocery shopping a wee bit easier for you ~ thanks so much for reading PPP! Head on over HERE to print your free copy.




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