Grocery & Donation Deals: Savings At Kroger & Publix

I actually did quite a bit of couponing this week, which was so fun (I really do love my coupons!) I got everything in the picture above at Kroger for around $28 (I was sooooo excited about the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes deal!), and also spent $22 at Publix for $88 in groceries earlier in the week.  So, even though coupons may be a bit on the decline, I still think there are oodles of deals left to be had. 🙂


I completely forgot to take a picture of my donations this week, but we’re donating some of the Frosted Flakes as well as some of the Mott’s Apple Sauce from our Publix run.  If you’re able, please consider donating an extra deal or two this week to someone in need!


I’d love to hear how your grocery trip went this week, and if you were able to purchase an item or two to give please take a minute to share that too! See how other folks are saving at Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom,Weekly Totals at I Heart Publix, and Friday Finals at Southern Savers.


New to couponing? Start out by checking out all Publix matchups over HERE, and also take a minute to visit this week’s top Kroger deals and Drug Store Deals.  You can also check out my beginners series over HERE.


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  1. I am envious of the Frosted Flakes, especially since you had the peelie for the milk!!!

    • I went back later in the week hoping to get more Mary, and was so bummed that the peelies were gone! (There were tons of them when I went earlier in the wee, but I didn’t have room for more milk…)

      • I found this interesting and haven’t had an opportunity to post about it…You know there are differing opinions about peelies and whether it is OK to remove them from items you are not purchasing. When I was at Publix the week before last and they had tons of peelies on their P&G HBA items, apparently there was a lady in the store taking peelies. I was standing talking to a couple of the folks stocking and straightening shelves when one of the CS people came over and said “that lady is back that is stealing the peelies you put on” to one of the people I was talking to. All three of the employees took off with the CS lady. Boy did I want to go too! I am not sure what happened, but it definitely confirmed for me that taking peelies off of products you aren’t purchasing is in fact viewed by stores (or some stores at least) as stealing. I read online a couple of months ago about a lady that was escorted out of a store and asked not to return due to this same issue. Just thought I would share. I am not saying anyone took those peelies on the Frosted Flakes, just thought I would mention this.

        • I actually looked pretty close to see if by any chance anyone had taken them, but these weren’t the same boxes….I hope someone got lots of free milk! I was bummed, because I went in the middle of the week and they had TONS (before I posted it), but I didn’t have any more room in my fridge…. now I wish I’d made some room! Oh well… it does frustrate me when I see the peelies all peeled off, and that’s interesting that the managers went after the lady at Publix! 🙂

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