Grocery & Donation Deals: Publix, Sam’s Club & Aldi’s (whew!)


I did a bunch of shopping this week! Here’s a peek at what I purchased at Publix, Aldi’s & Sam’s, plus an update on how using only printable coupons worked for me this week.


My main trip was to Publix this week, where I spent $54.92 plus tax for $168 in groceries ~ yay! I used only printable coupons (which I think might just work!), and even though I missed a few deal s it only took about 30 minutes to prepare for my trip. I’m thinking saving $117 in 30 minutes is a pretty good hourly rate. 🙂


Here’s what we’re donating this week from my Publix trip . . . 



 I also visited Aldi’s and Costo for some price checking and a few deals. . .


 I spent $17.75 at Sam’s Club on groceries, plus $3.91 for that cute train kit (if you can still find these they’re a great deal . . . they include six small frosting tubes which often cost $1-$2 each!) While the fruit there isn’t quite as inexpensive as it’s priced at Aldi’s, it’s such good quality produce and my kids have been loving every bite. (Plus the quantities are huge. . . it doesn’t look like it in the picture, but that bottle of cinnamon is almost as tall as a gallon jug!)



At Aldi’s we spent $17.75,, and were thrilled to find Christmas marshmallows for just $.25 per bag (my five-year-old spied those from a mile away. . .)


Now that we’re stocked up, we’re starting the week fresh with our 2013 grocery budget, and I’m excited to see how much we’ll save this year. You can also see how Shannon did at Publix this week, where she spent $49 for $189 in groceries (plus see her coupon matchups so you can do it too!)  I’d love to hear how your grocery trip went this week, and if you were able to purchase an item or two to give we’d love to hear about it.


New to couponing? Start out by checking out all Publix matchups over HERE, and also take a minute to visit this week’s top Kroger deals and Drug Store Deals.  You can also check out my beginners series over HERE.


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