Grocery Deals & Budget Check Up: Are You Satisfied With Your Penny Pinching?


In addition to all the produce I stocked up on at Aldi's yesterday, here's what I grabbed at Publix for $29.58 plus tax (which isn't all that exciting, but according to my receipt I saved $62.63, which makes my savings around 70%!)  And here's what we're donating this week . . .




My hubby and I had a “budget” meeting yesterday, and realized that while we're saving [rettu substantially on our groceries, we're spending more than we'd like on other items.  (Primarily on eating out, extra expenses for our kids activities, and little splurges that just haven't been planned for in the budget.)  Since it's payday today, we're determined to get our act together!  Here's how we're hoping to tame that a wee bit over the next few weeks:

  1. Planning quick meals on busy weeknights so that we eat at home.  For our family of five, eating out is undoubtedly what ruins our weekly budget more quickly than anything else.  Yesterday I thought ahead and grabbed a $5 pizza at Aldi's, which will easily save us $20 tonight at the drive thru.  I'm determined to say no to eating out more often (which is so hard to do some days!)
  2. Packing lunches for work.  My husband has gotten out of this habit recently, so I've got to work on having more items in the pantry for him to easily pack his lunches at least three days each week.
  3. Preparing snacks to take to the ball park. As baseball & soccer season are both in full swing right now, snacks at the ball fields have started to become a budget buster!  I just packed up all that leftover Easter candy so that my kids have no reason to beg for junk at the concession stand.
  4. Making wise decisions about which activities our kids need to do, and not always feeling guilty if we choose to say no. (YIKES!)  This one's been big around here the last few weeks and frustrates me because they really don't need to do it all! (Do I hear an AMEN out there anywhere?) 😉 



How are you feeling about your grocery budget and household budget in general right now?  I'm hoping to share in a few weeks that we've become more focused, because I hate wasting money. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one! 🙂



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  1. Amen! But when the boys were younger and we were running around for soccer, we never ate out (it just wasn’t in the budget, ever). If you’re cooking something the family really likes, double it. You’re in the kitchen anyway so why not make a bigger pot or lasagne (my go to)? You can freeze or just refrigerate for later in the week.

  2. My husband and I celebrated in March because it was the first month of 2012 that we came in under budget. It was great to put that remaining $50 into savings. We were so excited that we planned on eating out, but had to stop ourselves (cause really that would have been a bit silly).
    So far this month, we’ve been tight. Last week I was suppose to spend $80 but ended up spending closer to $150. Yikes! We’re determined to buckle down this week to even it out and then go back to the regular schedule for the rest of the month.
    I think it’s great that you and your husband were able to catch your budget busters before they got too big!

  3. *We make a game of using up fridge and pantry ingredients and talk about how we did it. I made delicious eggplant parmesan yesterday with everything on hand but the eggplant! Sweet!
    *I always take home brewed iced tea in a insulated tumbler when driving.
    *I keep Kind Bars and a banana in my purse for post-workout snacks.

    Planning ahead makes a huge difference!

  4. p.s. Love your blog!

  5. Laurie, would you please let me know the deal on Glad clingwrap? I need some, but didn’t see that listed in the Publix deals. Thanks!

    • Hey Rebekah! There was a coupon in a recent booklet (I can’t remember which one off the top of my head!) but it was a 8 x 11 Publix booklet that came out about a month ago. I think the Cling Wrap was $1.69, so the $1/1 coupon in that made it $.69 ~ hope that helps! 🙂

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