Grocery Budget Checkup 2014 Week 2: How’d You Do?


Sooooo, how have you done this week on your grocery budget? I've really been working to keep our family eating more at home (which is so hard some nights when we're just busy), and trying to stay on track with our grocery spending as well. Here's what we've spent this week:


  • Aldi: $23.43
  • Target: $9.82 + earned a $5 Target gift card
  • Sam's Club: $17.74
  • Publix: $6.49
  • Total: $57.45


I'm trying to really hold myself accountable right now by keeping my receipts clipped together in my office so I really know what I've spent (and then share it with a few thousand readers on the internet ~ eek!) 🙂  Even though we pay cash for our groceries, it's easy for that cash to go quickly on little items here and there, and I really want to know exactly where my money is going. If you're hoping to see how you're saving this year, just keeping your receipts clipped together each week may be helpful for you too!


If you need to change your grocery budget in 2014, I encourage you to really hold yourself accountable to make changes each week.  Remember that your grocery budget is the one area in your family's finances that you have so much control over simply by purposefully shopping the sales ads and using a few coupons, and you really can change how your family spends this year.  Share how you've done this week by clicking HERE ~ I love hearing from you!


(By the way, I shared this old post on how to really change your grocery budget over on Facebook and apparently lots of folks enjoyed it ~ might be worth checking out if you're looking for some extra ways to save!)

(You can also download this free printable monthly budget spreadsheet if you're new to budgeting ~ go HERE to get yours.)



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