Grocery Budget Check Up Week 8


How are you doing on your grocery budget this week? Our pantry was pretty full after last week's shopping trips, so I made a quick run to Publix yesterday and that was it for the week. We're eating a lot from what we already have on hand, and I'm working really hard to be resourceful with what's in the kitchen rather than making an extra trip to the store.


Guess what? It works!


We spent just $23.42 this week at Publix (while saving $27 – not all that exciting but I'm still keeping life simple around here), and I may use some of our extra cash this week to pick up fresh fruit at Sam's Club or Aldi.  So, nothing too exciting to report, but I'm thrilled to be way under our grocery budget for the week, leaving me extra moo-lah to spend on the things I really love to buy. 😉




I'm still keeping tabs on my grocery expenses with just an envelope each week ~ you might want to do the same thing to hold yourself accountable too!   I'm amazed at how much that's helped me stay on track this year – just knowing that I'll have to account for whatever I purchase in that envelope really makes a difference.

Have you stock to your grocery budget this week? Remember that couponing is not a competition, but I do encourage you to do the very best you can do with what you have right now ~ you have the power to save so much on your grocery budget in 2014 if you really determine to do it! Feel free to also share how you've been doing in the comments section, and we'll work on it together. 😉


Share how you've done this week by clicking HERE ~ I love hearing from you!

(You can also download this free printable monthly budget spreadsheet if you're new to budgeting ~ go HERE to get yours.)


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  1. Laurie, would you mind sharing how much you budget for eating out each month? Thank you.

    • Hi Karyn! We budget around $80 for groceries each week, and then a remaining $120 for everything else. This includes eating out (probably $70 is spent on eating out which makes me crazy – 2 meals out as a family and 1 lunch out if my husband and I can sneak in a lunch date.) The remaining $50 is for anything extra that pops up – a babysitter (rarely!), kids supplies for extra school stuff, birthday gifts if my kids are invited to something extra, etc. That $50 is our “wiggle” room – so if something comes up we have it, or if it doesn’t get spent we might treat the kids to ice cream or something fun. (It hardly ever doesn’t get spent!)

      Hope that helps. 😉

      • Thanks Laurie for that information. It helps! I assume your husband packs lunches from home each day. (unless there is another fund for that). Those lunch dates are so important!

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